How to Tell A “True Medium From the frauds”

How to tell a “true medium from the frauds”…

April 27th, 2012

As I was going through my Connection Beyond mail, I received a question from a young lady asking how someone can tell if one is a medium and asked “How can I tell a fraud from a true medium?”. Great question! and instead of answering it via e-mail, I thought many people probably had the same question. In addition, I have a pretty stern view of the whole topic. So, perhaps I will be blunt, but in doing so, may save some of you some time and money by avoiding those who claim to be mediums, but really are using other methods.

First and foremost, a MEDIUM IS NOT A PSYCHIC. However, Mediums receive impressions clairvoyantly (clear vision), clairaudiently (clear hearing), and through clairsentience (clear sensing)…among other methods. These are technically, “psychic” abilities. However, in the media and commercial mainstream today, having a psychic reading means predicting the future. It could encompass psychic impressions through the methods explained above, or it could be done through remote viewing, or seeing different energy lines. In my own interpretation, and please note this is my opinion, the future is not set in stone, and we do have free will to choose different pathways. However, I do believe in seeing a destined “guide post” or “event” if one remains on the current path. I believe we live our own adventure story, with significant or “destined” points and people along the way. Some of these points will serve to take us to a higher level, some are lessons we need to learn, some are tough, but all are fortunate events for us to learn and TO CHOOSE. If we choose to stay at a lower vibration, and not take the opportunities presented to us at the destined points that are meant to change us to a higher vibration, then we continue along the energy line already chosen, and a talented remote viewer or psychic reader may see events along those current lines, provided ALL ON THOSE LINES remain in the current choices! Now here’s where it gets tricky…if you are asking about a relationship, a psychic may see an “outcome”, but sometimes only to a “choice” on the map. When a “choice point” occurs, the energy lines may remain blurred or dim depending on choice. It looks kind of like a map with lines going all through it.

A MEDIUM, on the other hand, is a MESSENGER and A MEDIUM between this world and the next. A medium raises the vibration and remains “in the middle” of both worlds, so as to “hear” messages from THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED AND RELAY THEM TO THE LIVING. The main mission of a medium is to provide undeniable details and validations from the loved one on the other side to provide healing, comfort and hope to the person on earth. Mediumship IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT, or something to be accessed at bachelorette parties, or “just for fun”. It is for those who really need healing, both on this plane and the next. If one is to do mediumship work, it is IMPERATIVE that this person present pure mediumship, and not disguise other psychic methods, or personality reading techniques as a substitute to play on people’s grieving emotional states and hopes of making a real connection with a loved one.

The problem is that MOST who claim to be mediums are not in a pure channel. It’s like going to McDonalds and expecting burger that’s 100% beef. The reality is that you are eating a little bit of beef and mostly seaweed! Same with a good amount of people out there that claim to connect with the other side. In addition there are those who are truly gifted but do not know how to separate the other abilities that are going on, and put them all into one reading and call it “mediumship”. Sorry, but a mixture of psychic information, connection to a past loved one, empathic reading, personality reading, character reading, advice, aura reading, spiritual advice, IS NOT PURE MEDIUMSHIP. These are FILLERS.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM. Most of the general public does not know “technical aspects of mediumship”, and can be easily manipulated into believing that they are receiving an actual message from a loved one when in reality they are receiving perhaps some connection, but the majority of the reading may be ridden with fillers. Now, looking at the reading, they may say WOW! Everyone was right on! This medium knew my personality, how I do things, information about my life and how I feel. Now granted, they may leave feeling a lot better, but in reality they were fooled. What they experienced was mostly a “reading”, but it was not pure mediumship.

A main difference between a psychic experience and mediumship, is the presence of a third entity, or “spirit”. The medium should be connected to the SPIRIT and not the person receiving the reading. The medium should be going to the person for periodic validation of the information to make sure the connection is correct, but should not be asking tons of questions, or speaking mainly about the personality or feelings of the person sitting for the reading. One of the main ways a reader could tell they are in a mediumship channel and is that they are able to sense, and feel the PERSONALITY OF THE SPIRIT, and may feel after the connection that they have actually been in that person’s presence.


  • Names of those who have past and of the living if a message is to be relayed to a living person
  • The name of the “passed loved one” is not necessary if other names and details are validated
  • Accurate representation of the PERSONALITY of the spirit
  • Details about the passing (whether medical, emotional, or otherwise)
  • Personal details about you and the person who passed that only you would know
  • Little details or events that happened in the previous weeks prior to the reading that are mentioned
  • Events surrounding the passing
  • Accurate representation of relatives, friends and loved ones present with those on the other side


  • Spirit Identification (Either name, how a person passed, physical description, relation to sitter, etc)
  • Details & Validations (Personal details, events and incidents that only YOU would know. These details could be funny memories, a thought you had recently, what you bought at the store, renovations to your home, anything that proves that the information is NOT GENERAL. The purpose of these little details is to show the authentication of the connection AND MAINLY SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE READING: THE MESSAGE!
  • THE MESSAGE: Why is the spirit here? There should be reason. Does the spirit want to provide a healing message? Reveal details about a passing that were not known? Offer an opinion, warning or message to a loved one? Trying to take care of unfinished business? There is always a REASON. A spirit is not going to come in JUST FOR FUN. There is always a reason.
  • A Medium who claims to connect with whoever you want them to, on command.
  • A Medium who claims to be able to “get those” on the other side, and who engages in two way connection
  • A Medium who provides a lot of OPINIONS and not objective details. Beware of those who insert their own spiritual beliefs, insight, or opinions in readings.
  • A Medium who is arrogant, self righteous, not very empathic or sympathetic, or who claims to be a religious guru.
  • A Medium who is still active in an addiction (channels may be open to negative energies or information)
  • A Medium who is reading for the purpose of their ego and not for the purpose of service
  • A Medium who is vague or choppy in the connection, or who bounces from topic to topic, you should feel you are in a flow.
” I feel a woman around you, a grandmother figure. Do you have a grandmother who passed? Ok, well she is around you, and wants you to know she is watching over you, and that there are angels all around you. She wants you to know that she remembers taking care of you as a child and loves you very much. She is mentioning her baking, and saying she misses cooking for the family. She wants you to know that she was with you when you went through a difficult time, and that she will be with you as you make your choices.”
Medium: I get the names Marie and Frank. How are they connected to you? (Spirit Identification)
Readee: Marie is my grandmother who passed and Frank is my grandfather that is still alive.
Medium: Your grandmother was a bit of a loudmouth and a firecracker! She lived a long life and is mentioning she was driving even late in life. She was very sarcastic and claims to have been the voice for the family. She is standing there with her hand on her hip, and mentioning that her hair is perfect and her nails are done. She is coming through with a little bit of an attitude of “like it or leave it”. (Personality of spirit) 

Readee:  YES! That is exactly my grandmother’s personality, and she always stood like that when she was annoyed with something. She gave the family a hard time because we wanted to take away the keys to her car when she was 88, but she raised hell. And yes, she was ALWAYS sarcastic. That’s her.

Medium: Ok well she’s mentioning her husband Frank (flowing with the information, staying on track), and she is frustrated that he is not listening to the rest of of the family in relation to his health. She is mentioning high blood pressure and something being wrong with his knee and he won’t talk about it, or fix it! (NOTICE, NO QUESTIONS HERE…the medium could ask for validation if it makes sense)
Readee: Yes. Our grandfather fell last week outside and hurt his knee. It took a couple days to heal, and he says he’s ok, but he is still having trouble getting out of the chair. It’s been about a month and he hasn’t gotten out much and he has been eating a lot of TV Dinners, which he shouldn’t be due to his blood pressure issues.
Medium: (HERE IS THE MESSAGE) Grandma want to make sure that you let him know he has to get it checked, because it is worse than he is telling you (Grandma is now squealing on grandpa).
Readee: Yeah we figured that, but he is a bit of a skeptic. He may not believe that this really happened.
Medium: (Personal Details and Validations). Tell him that she knew he couldn’t get his shoe on this morning, because his foot was a little swollen. Also, mention the can of rusty nails he keeps in the back room that he hasn’t thrown out in 30 years and that she always yelled at him for, and the old kethup bottle that he is still trying to use in the fridge for the past week.
Readee: Wow! I know about the nails and the ketchup but not about the foot. Maybe I should call him now and ask him about it. (Makes call) YES! He couldn’t put on his shoes this morning. He knows I am seeing a medium today and now he may listen to grandmas advice to get his leg checked.
This is just a small example. Some readings may go on like this for an hour. But these are some of the things you should be looking for. If a medium starts telling you about YOUR PERSONALITY, how you should be living, giving you spiritual advice, this is a different type of reading!! Mediumship should be details, validations, and a clear message, and THAT’S IT! Sadly, it’s those who are very good at manipulation and what some call “cold reading” that are the ones who can pass as real mediums.
If in doubt, see a number of mediums to compare and see them LIVE as they connect to a group. Also, compare your one on one experience with the group experience. and see how it fares. MOST OF ALL, TRUST YOUR JUDGEMENT. Just because someone has a large following or even a media presence does not mean they are ethical or real.
Hope this helps!! Have a great weekend!
  1. Hello. I have to ask you a question. I feel I need to see a medium but I live in Colorado a and I’m inexperienced with this whole subject. I mean when I as a kid I had a sense but it went away. Do you know of any legit mediums in the Denver area? Thanks bunches!

  2. Hello,

    I recently contacted a “Psychic Medium” who said she had an Arch Angel who guides her. I researched her background and it read that she had been ” verified” several times. She did ask me for the name of the one I wanted to contact. I reluctantly told his name. She asked me what I wanted to ask him. I felt it was leading but she was right about his personality and generally but I had told her I wanted to know why he did what he did in his Will. What she told me was that there were circumstances I didn’t know about and that he wished he would’ve been honest with me about that. She didn’t offer any concrete verifiable facts that only I would know or names. Is there a resource I can access to find the description and contact of a real Medium? I am in South Carolina but contacted the Medium from a website I chose from Google that had many Bio’s and choices of Mediums. She was out of State.

    1. Hello Jessica,

      We recommend ONLY mediums who provide “evidential” information such as names, details, and messages that are not vague and mean something significant to both the sitter and the spirit connecting. Every medium works differently, and through our experience connection is not based on telling the medium who would like to connect to, and them making an “instant” connection to that specific person.

      1. She is very much real she is helping with my brother who has been missing for four and half months and has only validated everything she has said hopefully we will fond my brother tomorrow

      2. hi i want to contact a medium in ny. i live in sullivan county which is upstate ny. my father passed in august and he was a medium and i want to know why he hasnt had any attempt at contact maybe thats a stupid question but he died unexpectedly and fairly young i need some type of closure.

  3. hello, i am i suppose a sceptic, but i do have an open mind. i am wary of fake mediums & would be grateful if you could recommend someone in london england.

    1. Hello Alan,

      I love London and have lived there for a short time many years ago. It seems as if England has many reputable school and training for mediums and psychic ability. I don’t currently have a referral, but I would recommend contacting the Arthur Findlay College. I believe they may be able to direct you! Good luck!

  4. I just had a reading I can’t tell if it was real or fake the person asked for permission to speak and she said my mom ( the spirit I ask to connect with ) came through and respond by saying sure you can in a upbeat voice which sound like my mom but wouldn’t that mean on demand also the medium only asked how long ago did she pass she didn’t go deep into detail about my mom personality just that she has a pretty smile and she’s strong which other mediums told me the medium also said what my mom thinks of me and that she just wants me to be careful it made since cause a lot of killings been happening in my hometown where I stay but it didn’t make sense because it wasn’t deep would you consider that as a half connection cause I’m starting to question did she really connect with my mom

    1. Hi Jade, unfortunately this is the type of reading a lot of people experience. If you are left with no details, and especially if the personality did not match, I would be skeptical of the information.

  5. My 2 cats went missing within 3 months of each other where they’ve never left my property and were safe in 10-12 yrs. I have a suspicion that they were relocated on purpose or catnapped and need some direction on where to focus my search or to stop seaeching if they’ve passed on. Should I be looking for a psychic, medium or one with both gifts? Also, can you provide a recommedation? I presume it wouldnt matter if its a phone reading, however, I’m in central Florida.

    1. Hi Ann, I hope at this point perhaps there were some leads to your kitties? If not, I would first recommend a REMOTE VIEWER to view into the present and travel to see if the cats are still on the Earth Plane. If you don’t find anything, I would then perhaps see a medium but no medium can guarantee a specific message or person.

  6. Any mediums in Texas. I just lost my daughter, no autopsy done, went to ER with a headache (25 yrs old), went into a coma, and was declared brain dead. The hospital didn’t understand what happened…nothing showed up on brain scans. Don’t know why they didn’t autopsy. We need answers. Thank you Terri

    1. Hello Terri. I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I do not know any Texas mediums. If you have friends or family members who have seen a medium, I would go with their recommendations. Also, phone and SKYPE readings by reputable mediums are also recommended and should be just as accurate if they are legitimate.

  7. Hi there — Just had a session with Sylvia Rossi(NJ) – and she seemed genuine and provided what you indicate is a “good reading”, but some of the names she mentioned were at not exact, for example, she said a male figure was with my brother, “…a Richard or a Robert”, my Dad’s name is Russell , and she felt it was him — are names sometimes a little ” off” and the Medium can still be authentic? Thank you.

    1. Hello Judy. I cannot invalidate or validate a medium or your experience. I can only go by the way messages come to me. Sometimes, names are gven in a session that do not make sense right away. It may take weeks or months to put all the details together in the reading. For me, I do get a lot of names and I can say that I am very clear with the difference of Richard and Robert VS. Russell. The sound RUHS would be be different for me than the sound RAW. However, if someone is new with getting names they could be off on the specifics. The question is, was there any other evidential information in the reading besides the R name that only you and your loved one would know? How accurate was the rest of your reading as well as the description of the personality of the family member?

  8. Hello. I am looking for recommendations of a medium or multiple mediums in the New Orleans area, or any of the surrounding suburbs.
    I found your writing to very very helpful. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    1. Thanks Anna. I do not know of any mediums in that area. I would recommend going by referral or having a SKYPE or phone session with a reputable medium. Thank you so much for your kind words!

      1. I was referred to a medium by a person who went to see the medium and believed her to be very legitimate. When I call to make an appointment with her, her husband answered and demanded to know who I was referred by. He said if I didn’t have at least the last name of the person who referred me that they could not do business with me. Does this sound odd to you?

        1. That is odd. Did you inquire why he needed your referrals last name? The only thing I could think of is that they do business by referral only. Did you end up having a reading with this person?

  9. My daughter-in-law has a friend who says my son who passed in June of this year is trying to get in touch with her. Her name is Lynnsie. So she tells another friend Stephanie and stephanie tells my daughter-in-law. She says she is not allowed to tell her herself and wants her to see a medium that she knows, does this sound right, my daughter is really upset about all of this and is afraid to go. Should she go.

    1. I would not recommend it. A psychic may ask for this type of info when looking for someone, but I would not provide all that information. If the spirit wants to come to a medium, they come on their own accord.

  10. I have lost my father and both brothers very recently. My mother is very ill. Would a medium be able to contact my family that has crossed and tell me how long mom has?

    1. Hello Sylvia. I’m sorry to hear of your recent losses. Unfortunately, I believe that a person’s passing is up to God. Also, there is no way to “call” certain people up and ask them questions.

  11. Hi I recently went to a medium on Tuesday. I had an hour reading and not once through the reading could I recognize who she was talking about. None of the details about anybody related to anybody I know who has passed and I have lots of family. She didn’t even connect to my grandmother ( she said she was communicating with her but it didnt match her personality or her appearance) who always had came through when I went to mediums because she loved to talk and always loved visiting mediums herself. At the end I asked her a really important question to me about my friends serious court case and she told me very negative consequences to it and it put me in a really negative state of mind. Do you have any tips about how to get over this? I know I shouldn’t believe her if the rest of the information didn’t match up to my life but for some reason I’m hung up on the negative information she was giving me at the end when I asked her a personal question. Thank you..

    1. Hi Gabrielle. Was this a legitimate referral? Where did you find this medium? If there was no evidential information, it would be hard for me to say there was a true connection. Secondly, as a rule I do not allow clients to ask questions for “friends” as #1 I would need that person’s permission and #2, I would need their energy to get a more accurate sense, #3 I don’t do psychic predictions, and #5 mediums/intuitives could provide guidance but how you use the information to make decisions is up to you. Again, if you had more information on where you found this person and their credentials that would be helpful. My question for you would be, what made you choose this medium over another?

  12. I’ve just been to see a medium and she told me about all my relatives who were there with me ..everyone spot on ..even unusual names ..i was on cloud nine to think they were there with me ..but thinking about it she didn’t tell me anything other than my family ..could she have looked at my family tree for information from my mobile num that’s all the information she had of me

    1. I think you should be ecstatic that she brought you names and details! Most mediums are unable to provide even one name. No, I don’t think she looked at a family tree. This is something that’s so unnerving to people in our industry. Just to be as honest and upfront as possible, most of us neither have the time, interest of resources to be able to do that. Now, if you would like to make absolutely sure, along with the NAMES, she should’ve given you the matching PERSONALITIES to these names, as well as how people passed and other details about YOUR life that she may not have known. If you have all these elements, then you had a great reading! Congrats!

  13. I had a reading with a psychic medium a few months ago over skype as I live in another country as she does. I finished the reading feeling very upset and anxious as I felt it was very negative. I was hoping to get some guidance in relation to my career path. The medium started by reading my aura. She asked me if I had anyone in the same room before we started- I told her my partner was in the room next to me sleeping. She then told me spirit is telling her I will be moving country and then asked me if I was looking at making changes to my location. She also asked me if I have any questions about my purpose. I was very confused as to why she was asking me so many questions. She would tell me something but would then ask me if it relates to me. She asked me if there was anything I wanted to know that spirit hasn’t brought up yet. She spoke about my partner and how we would eventually break up in the future. This obviously shocked me, she seemed very unsympathetic and cold. She brought up a lot of dates and months which none of them meant anything to me or triggered anything symbolic. My grandfather came through at the end but there was no significant ties she could tell me that made me think/feel it was him. The whole overall experience felt very uncomfortable and confusing. She seemed to run out of things to say before the hour was up. I ended up leaving the reading feeling much worse then I felt before.

    1. Hi Laura, I am very sorry to hear that you had this type of session. I don’t believe someone should be telling you about your partner in that fashion. My belief is that we give insight, but the final decision of whether you stay or decide to move on to someone else is up to you. Was this a good referral? How did you find this medium? I would take this as a loss and move forward with someone more reputable.

  14. I have in the passed had readings????? Not good nor satisfying . I live in Kelowna B.C Canada.
    Recently received a email from a Medium-CELESTE.
    Claiming she has reached info regarding my personal life. Further info would have a $89.99 charge? Not disputing $ but fearful she may not be truthful?
    If your aware of any Medium in this area, would be appreciated.

  15. Hi, my husband went for a reading yesterday. The first relative to come through was right on point with who he was, his name and very detailed about his passing. She later on asked who he wanted to contact, which were our deceased son, his uncle and grandmother. Is asking who someone wants to contact something a true medium will do? A lot of information she was saying didn’t make sense but some did.

  16. Hello Marisa,

    I like your honesty, so refreshing wish I had known of you before today, I have been scammed Celeste Angelic Medium, have you heard of her?), and I feel so angry with myself for being so gullible in my search for happiness, this person has tried to get more money from me today saying that she needs to do a protection spell as there is a malevolent person who wishes me harm and this will block all the happiness and good luck she says is supposed to be coming to me, needless to say I have not continued with this, I just thought I should speak up to save anyone else getting scammed.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Tina,

      Thank you for posting your experience. I have not heard of this person, but strongly suggest to anyone that if someone wants more money for something like this, it is not ethical.

  17. I went to two different mediums but both asked who I wanted to connect to and asked for a name. I wanted to connect to a musician who passed. One heard of him, the other did not. Both said I had past-lives with him. The one that didn’t hear of him did accurately describe him. I didn’t say if he was a rock, country, or rap singer but she got him. She also described the feeling he had when he died, which was accurate and an accurate description of my mother. But both mediums say he’s is around me and guiding me. Could that be true? Neither gave any real evidence of this. Just look for the signs, it will be a number 3, he’ll touch your hair, etc. Legit or not legit?

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