Are you ready for the commitment you deserve?

Intuidate™ LIVE includes everything you need to finally make the commitment TO YOURSELF to uplevel your love life in 2023, so that you can achieve the type of relationship fulfillment you’ve always dreamed of! 

During this one time live event, we are going to put the pedal to the metal, get you unstuck in love and catapult you to make the tough decisions to get your love life exactly where you want it! Single, married, partnered – or somewhere in between, we’ve got what it takes to get you aligned and excited in love!

Are you ready for the commitment you deserve?


You know you NEED to make some BIG decisions this year in order for your love life to change.

But you probably feel stuck, and don't know how.

You’ve had it with replaying the same old tapes over and over again!

You know in your heart that you deserve more. You know you TRULY want more.

You also know your situation has the potential to be great, but you just don’t have the clarity you need to take the necessary steps in the right direction!

You’re probably frustrated because when you see yourself making a lot of progress – but in only a short matter of time you experience yourself taking many steps back. 

You’ve had more advice thrown at you than you’d like to admit – and while it all made sense on some level – you feel that most people “just don’t get it”. And to add to it, it seems most people close to you just don’t see how difficult it is to be in your shoes. 

You may wonder, “Why can’t I just do what people simply tell me to do – and take their much heeded advice?”

Well it’s not that easy! 

Let’s just release the shame right here and now! Because if you’re relating to the above, that means we’ve been in your shoes, and we’ve found a way out.

We know how it is the struggle in love. You’re right, it’s not that easy!

But we also have some step by step simple SOULutions to get your mindset back on track!

Are you ready to make the decisions YOUR INTUITION is telling you to make, so that you can feel confident, joyful, and back to your sassy self again? 

Of course you are!

So let’s get you ready to go and get that love you’ve always desired and dreamed of!


You feel like you've tried literally everything to get the love life you know you desire.

But you probably feel stuck, and don't know how.

What would it feel like if you were able effortlessly take 3 simple steps right now that could change your love life forever?

Imagine how it would feel to:

BECOME so magnetic

That you not only attract, but also keeps soulmate love – without having to worry about ‘doing’ anything to find the right person or move your love life forward…

MASTER the art of recognizing red flags

AND be able to walk away – every time. For good. No more justifying, no more ‘seeing the potential’, and no more ‘trying to fix’ those project people that appear in your life – and potentially drain every ounce of life force energy out of you.


GAIN so much self-confidence in dating, and in relationships!

That you won’t have to ASK anyone for ‘what they think you should do’ in dating or relationships – EVER AGAIN!


After applying these principles, she met + married her soulmate!

“You have a heart of gold! Your course totally transformed my life!”


Jen shares her wins on #TheLounge! "It's ALL about doing your deep inner work!"

“When we’re really wanting to manifest the love, and the purpose and the abundance, or whatever it is that we desire out of life – we NEED to come from a very high vibrational frequency – and we do that THROUGH our inner work!



Intuidate™ LIVE 2023: FEB 13th 7-10pm EST

We've put our dating & relationship superpower skills together to get you amazing results in just a short amount of time. (provided you listen:)

Here’s the amazing roster of what you’ll be receiving during the live workshop!

The 3 Steps To Lasting Commitment *LIVE* Training with Marisa Liza Pell

The Intuidate® 3 Keys To Lasting Commitment (AND Self Commitment) will explore how Intuition plays a role in the cycles we play out in our relationships! We will go over WHY certain love and relationship patterns are played out, and where they come from!

In this training you will receive: 

The Secrets To Becoming Magnetic To Soulmate Love *LIVE* Training with Emmy Hernandez

What if taking just 3 simple action steps in love could change your life forever? 

In this training, you’ll learn how to make these 3 energy shifts immediately to change course and get on the path to soulmate love!

*LIVE* Q&A and Hotseats!

We will be selecting a few participants to come and join the *hotseat* to get some in depth live coaching on their specific situation!

Don’t worry, our hotseat participants will be chosen ahead of time and noone will be put on the spot!

IMMEDIATE BONUS: Soulmate Love Meditation!

Use this meditation to increase your frequency and become the energy to attract the love you desire!


You'll also be able to have these opportunities


Be chosen for 1 of 3 in depth hotseats

After our two love trainings, we will get in depth with 3 personalized hotseats! We will choose 3 different dating/relationship situations prior to the workshop!

* Once registered, there will be a form to apply for a hotseat if interested!


Your Love Questions Answered

Following our *live* coaching segment, we will take as many of your love questions as time allows!

You can either pre-submit your question if you cannot make it live or ask in the chat! * coming on video is not required!


Access to Special Opportunities

At the end of the evening, there will be attendee only special LIVE promotions to either work with Marisa and/or Emmy 1:1 or in a group setting to further your love goals! *These opportunities will not be available to the general public.


I don't want this pain to hold you back anymore, so I'm going to make this a no-brainer for you.

We could be charging a lot more for this (and I probably should be…)

But we don’t want price to be a factor between you seeing success and not seeing success. 

Which is why we are basically giving away over $3,000 of value.

For this limited time one-time workshop, you will get access to everything for only $199! $149 until Feb 5th!

Ready to get rid trying to force your love life to change and effortlessly align with soulmate love instead?


Total Value = $7950


After completing this workshop, you will have created the space and focused intention to move forward in love.

Since this is a LIVE event, there are no refunds after purchase.

We recommend you do your best to prepare energetically, mentally and physically to be without distractions prior to, during and shortly after the event. We make no guarantees as to the results from this workshop, but we can say you WILL get our of it what you put into it! So set your best intention, and at least make one commitment to yourself for the New Year right now!



Read what Intuidate™ students have said about their experience inside these programs...

Masculine vs. Feminine Energy - It Works!

Masculine vs. Feminine energy is something I learned from and it’s definitely a favorite and important topic, as it relates to both our personal and work relationships as women. 


Can't wait for this amazing workshop to begin!

I cannot wait for this AMAZING discussion ❤️ on Feb 13th! I’ve noticed significant changes in my relationships since applying what I have learned – and it’s allowed me to create THRIVING relationships!


It's time to start listening to our Intuition in LOVE!

Blending your intuition with dating is a concept many should be aware of! We have this amazing superpower within us to guide us, and it would be silly to keep ignoring it! 💫


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Frequently Asked Questions

There will be only 3 people selected via application to receive in-depth live coaching during our 3 hour workshop.

We will get to as many people as possible with chat questions in the LIVE Q&A portion of the event.

However, due to the time needed to move through each training and hotseats, we cannot guarantee everyone a question or 1:1 time. 

The purpose of the hotseats is for everyone to benefit from the examples.

No, this workshop is not intended for psychic advice or individual readings of any kind.

We will be assessing energy, patterns and cycles and looking into situations via intuitive modalities, but this is for those who are looking to take action to make a change with our advice

We fully understand that things come up!

If you cannot make it live, there will be a replay following the event, AND an opportunity to pre-submit your question to be answered during the live Q&A portion.

* Due to the limited number of attendees and the live nature of this event, there are absolutely no refunds if you cannot make it live. 

Let's get you on board!


Total Value = $7950