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Intuitive Empath

Intuitive Empath Results

:last_quarter_moon_with_face:  Friend, you’re giving me chills!:first_quarter_moon_with_face:

That’s because your sense of touch is like a tuning fork for the divine.

You’re an emotional wizard, making you a master of compassion and human emotion. You’re also likely to be empathic when it comes to crystals, plants, and animals. Your spidey senses perk up as strong feelings, chills, and gut reactions.

You feel it all! Including the emotions of others.

The magical gift of your empathy?

At your core, you know that you’re one with everything.

You’re also a natural healer. Modalities like reiki, crystal healing, and any form of energy healing are in your cards.

Here are some tips to help balance your sensitive nature:

Because you feel people’s feelings, boundaries can be difficult for you. But with strong boundaries in place, you don’t have to feel other people’s “stuff” so strongly. You can more effectively hold space for yourself and others. Techniques that clear and protect your energy will help you to keep your boundaries strong.

You get so much sensory info all the time, it’s important for you to feel physically comfortable. Pay attention to what environments feel safe and good to you. And let yourself gravitate towards them.

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