A Letter To My Fans! ✨ It’s been 25 years!

Here's to a new Era Of Transformation!

It’s been 25+ years! Can you believe it? Yep. Twenty Five years as a full time spiritual intuitive, medium and medical intuitive. It’s been a long run.

If you’re one of the people that have been with me this whole time, you are sooo much appreciated!

If you are JUST joining me, and getting on board with the livestreams, shows and transformational work – I welcome you during a crucial time in our cosmos. This is a time where YOU are needed.

You are needed to be aligned EXACTLY where you need to be – during the next era of transition of our planet – which will lead into approximately the next 15 years!

This period is slowly expanding now, and invites you within its energy.

The universe, especially during this ‘7’ universal year is calling you to be introspective now and look within for your answers.

This is where YOUR truth will finally be separated from those who may have influenced you during your life. Or it may be your own beliefs about where society wants you to be, or where you need to be as a parent, a CEO, or how you will live when you retire!

This is a challenging time for me and my work. For so many years, many have come seeking answers and insight into their pathways, as well as relief from fear and anxiety about their future.

They have come from around the world to connect with those who have passed, for some healing and closure. And just being able to make that connection for so many has been nothing short of miraculous and magnificent at times.

This isn’t just about me or my work…


This was the exact universal calling for everyone over the past 15 years. The primary purpose of searching for the truth about our spiritual nature was of paramount importance to the world. Searching, finding, researching.

It’s what we needed to do, and where we needed to be.
We were lost on the planet for quite some time, and needed some proof of ‘MORE’.

We needed a glimpse into some magic, some light, and just a peek into the mystical realms so that we could feel we had a true purpose here. We needed that that ‘proof’ that the other side really existed – and perhaps there was something after all. We needed that SPARK.

With the rise of so many mainstream mediums, intuitive healers and spiritual thought leaders over the past 20 years, we are no longer lost in the darkness. This information is as readily available now as going to your local department store.

It wasn’t a secret, tucked away in some old dusty bookstore like it was back then.

So now what?


Consciousness has risen dramatically, and spiritually has become the insta-pot of the world. It became something that you can seek out through a 1-800 number, maybe go to a psychic fair, or have some fun hiring some ‘entertainment’ for a Bachelorette party.

For some, losing and grieving was just too much, and sitting with a medium provided the much needed comfort and relief that at least a loved one was ‘ok’.

However, once we moved ahead, technology and social media came on the rise, and with that our wave of instant gratification, disconnection and looking outside for just something to make us feel better became quite gluttonous.

EVERYTHING became a fix on the outside, and we were no longer connected to our spirit, our truth on the inside or aligned with our purpose.

The more disconnected we became, the more we sought out destructive behaviors to alleviate the loneliness and despair of the void we couldn’t describe.

That’s when our minds started to become more racing, more scattered, more overwhelmed and more fixated on going more, producing more, relaxing less and being less present.

And without warning, the world and all its anxiety replaced intuition. Immediately feeling better replaced working hard toward a true goal. And the inevitable build up of pain resulted in repression, depression, and for some ‘no way out’.

Then the pandemic hit. We were forced to face ourselves, our country, and our planet. Meaning became more meaningful. Relationships started to become more of a priority. The isolation, along with all the technology and social measures we had been addicted to was all that was left – and it wasn’t what we really wanted or needed.

But it seemed there was no way out at that point. So now.. there was search for meaning.

We sought CONNECTION. Finally we were being brought back to ourselves. But all the protections, traumas and difficult relationships we faced in the past came with some deep wounds, and many that were buried deep within.

This was hard for many to navigate. Others completely figured out that who they have been resembled nothing of who they wanted to become. Some decided to completely change careers, leave relationships and start anew.

But there was NO WAY.

No one knew how to come back to true alignment and connection. We had no tools, we had no guidance. The spiritual leaders of the world could only illuminate where we needed the change, but how could we truly transform and live the life we truly intended?

If we found ourselves knowing that we weren’t where we wanted to be – then where would we go?

It had to come from within, and not without. We weren’t use to going within over the past 15 years. We had no tools.

The real guru is within. However, there was no roadmap or pathway to the inner world for people to access.

This is when I decided to pivot. I noticed that people were feeling better after a 1:1 session with me – but it didn’t change their patterns or lead them to their true purpose or fulfillment.

Perhaps they connected with a loved one, and had an amazing session – but their life on Earth remained messy and their personal life felt stuck.

Some would come and ask about a new job. And the new job would come and they would be happy to have the income.

But when asked about their fulfillment and if this was their “true calling” they would know that it wasn’t…but felt they just needed to stay just where they were.

There were those seeking soulmate love that couldn’t break the patterns of their families and generational wounds, and would keep choosing the same relationship over and over again.

It became clear that people were stuck in cycles, stuck in jobs that provided money but no purpose, and stuck in relationships that were resembling exactly what they DIDN’T want to model as adults!

So, in essence I have been called to a higher purpose. I am still doing the work I’ve always done, just doing it on a deeper level.

My mission is to work with those who would like to move ahead and see changes, results, and take that leap to a much better level of fulfillment than they’ve ever dreamed.

But this takes time. It took time for me when I asked the universe to first put me through it! I have been given a pathway for others to follow, and while 1:1 sessions are deep and healing – for those that are looking for complete change a one time 1:1 session just isn’t enough.

So I developed the concept and the 6 step pathway to illumination in my new group mentorship program – Ascend + Align Accelerator.

The breakthrough path that I have channeled is something that I am excited to bring forth.

It is a path that includes both intuitive development as well as bringing the body and spirit back home to true connection and alignment.

This powerful trifecta will then allow those in tune with their true purpose or calling to fulling expand and build the capacity to charge ahead and create their new reality – one that is completely in line with increased energy, fulfillment, abundance and joy.

It is my hope that you put trust in me creating this new pathway, and continue to align yourself with my work as it is developing. I am developing programs, courses, retreats and workshops that are within the need to expand universal healing and consciousness.

Please also know that I will continue to serve, just with different methods.

My work will always include everything I have always offered, but in a way that will serve the plan for you to finally LIVE HERE – free of your blocks, burdens, and limiting beliefs – and ready to soar with the gifts God intended for you.

In the last few e-mails, I put out an announcement about my new 12 month group coaching mentorship program, and I have received so many awesome replies and have connected with many of you who were interested!

If this is something that interests you, and you’d like to be one of the 20 first people in our group as we forge ahead, let me know that you’re interested by clicking here!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and for continuing to be a fan as my work transitions to serve the greater good!

I’ll be sending more e-mails out about the program over the next week, so stay tuned!

Thank you for holding the space for me over all these years, and most importantly continuing to be a visionary and spiritual seeker!

I can promise you there are many other very exciting things coming, so I can’t wait for you to join me as we move ahead!

Have a wonderful evening!


You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.