Service Descriptions

Connection Beyond Sessions
Connection Beyond Sessions are sessions connecting you to loved ones who have passed. There is no guarantee of a specific person or message, as anyone may come through during your session. We ask that you be open to receiving messages from whomever would like to speak to you from the other side. It is not your need that determines who will visit during a session. The session is connected to the present moment as well as timing. The messages are what you will need to hear for that day. Your beloved pets may come through to say hello as well.

Important Note: If someone has JUST passed and/or you are grieving heavily, we ask that you wait until you are emotionally ready to come in. Some time needs to pass for the individual to transition on the other side. There is no set amount of time to wait. Come when you feel you are called. 

General Intuitive Sessions
General Intuitive Sessions are sessions in which insight and guidance is channeled in regards to practical life areas. You may inquire about relationships, career path, relocation, real estate, business, and health. Medical Intuitive Sessions are also included in this category.

Please note: This is not a psychic reading. Marisa will provide detailed information and insight connected to the pathway you are currently on. The purpose of this session is not for a future prediction. Marisa believes in the power of free will and choice to change your pathway for the positive once insight is received. It is up to you to make your decision on which way you will choose.

Medical Intuitive Sessions
If you are struggling with chronic conditions, repeating patterns or lack of vitality on any level, a medical intuitive session may help. In this type of session, energy surrounding you on all levels is assessed. Insight on energy imbalances, strengths and areas of importance may be brought through, as well as suggestions for solutions or referrals as needed.  This energy may be present on the physical plane but may be rooted in an emotional, mental, spiritual or psychic base.

Important Disclaimer: Marisa Liza Pell is *not a medical doctor” and cannot diagnose or treat your medical condition. We have access to a wide referral network integrative and holistic practitioners that we will provide contact info for should your session reflect that. 

Private Groups
Small group sessions are offered for immediate family groups between two and five guests at our office. We are also offer larger gallery options for groups of ten and over. Please note that these are group sessions, and not a guarantee of individual readings. Anyone is the group may be read, and there is a possibility that some may not.

We recommend keeping guests to immediate family and close friends for smaller groups, as those present will still be able to benefit from the connections even if they do not receive an individual connection.

For small groups of 5 and under as well as in office 2 person sessions, the group members must be immediate family only. This will ensure the greatest benefit for those present. When dealing with separate families in such a small setting and only an hour to present information, one family may overtake the other and the other person may not benefit at all.

For larger groups, guests may be of any combination. Although, we do recommend keeping the groups free of any possibility that someone present may bring in energy that will affect the group as a whole. We strongly recommend that the groups be made up of immediate family and close friends as this will provide maximum benefit.

Important Disclaimers: These types of groups are intended for people who are in need of connection to those past with the goal of closure and healing. This is a not a forum for entertainment and fun (such as bachelorette parties), or for pure curiosity. We do not provide entertainment for parties, in which patrons do this for a fun activity. 

Consulting Packages
We offer a wide range of business consulting services including executive coaching for CEO’s as well as mid and long term packages. Other consulting areas include real estate, business development and relationship coaching.

These packages are for those who would like to make changes for the long term in the above life areas, especially if there is a lack of forward momentum or progress at the present time. Packaged are designed based on the needs and goals of the client. We offer a preliminary phone consultation to discuss if we will be able to help you meet your needs.

Individual Sessions

Phone: 35 min

You may choose any service for this type of session.  There is no difference between a phone or in person session. The preference is mainly for client comfort. This session is ideal for those who are traveling, live further away, or would like a session in the midst of a busy schedule.

Fee: $175

Phone: 60 min

You may choose to do a combination of several session types. Most people elect to do mixed session of Connection Beyond and General Intuitive. This is a wonderful option for those wanting both a connection and insight into practical life areas such as relationships and career.

Fee: $300

In Office: 60 min

If you prefer to meet in person, we have three conveniently located office locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Please see our contact page for details. This session follows the same outline as the 60 min phone session. You may design the session however you wish with either one specific session type or a combination of services.

Fee: $325

Group Sessions

In person: Two Guests

This service is for immediate family members only. This is a group session lasting one hour, and is limited to those seeking to connect with loved ones who have passed. Since this is a group session, there are no guarantees of both individuals being read. The session focuses on whomever wishes to come through during the session.

Fee: $375

In Office: Small Group

Small group sessions are offered for immediate family groups between three and five guests at one of our office locations. These sessions are 60 min in length and are limited to connection to those who have passed. Since this is a group session, the messages brought through may relate to one or several of the guests in attendance.

Fee: $500

Private Groups: Ten +

Private Group Galleries run 90 minutes in length and may be conducted at our location or a venue of your choosing. Generally, groups choose to have a maximum of 10 guests, although we can accommodate more. These groups may be a combination of family and friends, or even work associates. We also offer group options for special events and corporate functions.

Fee: Starts at $1250 for up to 10 guests + travel

Consulting Services

Business Consulting

We offer a wide range of business consulting services including executive coaching for CEOs as well as mid and long term packages for small to mid size businesses. We also offer services in business development, operations, hiring, and providing creative based solutions for increased productivity and forward momentum.

Relationship Insight

If you are looking for more of an in-depth session in the relationship arena, this service will provide short and long range solutions to solving repeating patterns. These are cycles that you may have been playing out not only in your romantic relationships, but also in your friendships and family dynamics.

Real Estate Services

We offer a wide range of sessions related to both commercial and residential real estate. Finding the right energetic space will help you thrive in your business and home life. If you are selling or moving, we work to figure out what may be blocking your progress. Whether the issues be energy based, practical or spiritual, we work to find a solution.

For any of the above consulting packages, we offer various options and packages based on your needs. Please contact us to schedule a preliminary phone consultation to assess your goals.