💡 Tuesday Thoughts: The ‘Imperfect’ Tulip 🌷

💡Tuesday Thoughts: The 'Imperfect' Tulip 🌷

Tuesday Thoughts: The ‘Imperfect’ Tulip 🌷
As I started to create more space and expansion in my life for deep presence, connection and enjoying the moment – at first I noticed the pull to create more things “to do”.
I also noticed the space that I was so desperately seeking was quickly filling up again with scattered thoughts, and that my habits to go back to overdoing and overproducing weren’t going to be leaving any time soon!
So the problem wasn’t finding the “time” or “the space”. I was able to use methods I had found to finally clear my calendar again, and notice some good white space emerging!
However, my subconscious mind was still running the show. And that meant “slowing down” was seen by my system as something to “protect”. So, as with most of our overdoing and overachieving, it starts somewhere – and that place is within the body.
Noticing the yearning for this space (and then the discomfort with it) was a HUGE part of the shift in mindset during my own personal development journey!
It took listening to the body more, as well as expanding my intuition for my own self-reflection to start to continue to create more space and expansion for myself – so that I could step more deeply into the life (and the self) that I visualized.
I also noticed the opposite to be true: more space and more time actually allowed me to SLOW DOWN and be MORE PRODUCTIVE than I ever was before. 💐
And part of the reason I had no time, space or energy had very little to do with the events and things that were currently on my calendar. 💡
I go over this process and method I developed here (and personally went through myself) in The White Space Workshop. Consider taking a step into this mini course if you feel you’d like to get to the root of why you are so scattered in the first place, and would like to create more space in your life to get realigned with your authentic self.
The mindset shift comes in looking at WHY we have no space or time, not HOW we have no space, time and energy for ourselves.
As I moved forward in my own journey, slowly but surely I started to explore life a bit more. If you asked me before that what I really wanted to do, and what I REALLY wanted to be doing, it would be a totally different answer than what it is today.
I can tell you that a lot has changed for me, and that the WIN today comes from a period of time when I feel completely connected to nature, back to myself and to others around me.
It comes where I can say I truly put myself first, instead of maxing myself out and putting myself second to every other obligation. It motivates me when I have a half hour of being fully present with my creativity and with others around me.
A win in my career, or another personal endeavor/task really has nothing on the depth of what this true sense of connection feels like.
Creating this depth and expansion has flowed into my other endeavors and fully encompasses how my business is realigned today – and how I help people transition from the chaos around them to finally designing a life where they are watching their aspirational self finally come out of their mind and into the world.
Part of the symbolism for this came in a moment I had recently. Even though I consider myself wildly passionate about a lot of things (and there are so many), there are new things I realize all the time.
And that’s why I need more space to step into these things for the first time – to explore life deeply in a way that allows me to feel joy. Not fleeting joy, not a rush of endorphins that come from a new experience – but a real sense of depth in life and getting to know what I like and what I love.
And when we spend decades (like I did) in a threat response in our body, it doesn’t allow us to explore life.
Being in a state of fight or flight, constant protection and at times shut down (or even being hyper vigilant and keeping busy all the time) DOES keep us distracted from pain, but it also keeps us disconnected to the innocence within ourselves to explore the world around us.
Becoming ‘more intuitive’ wasn’t the winning solution to enjoying life.
But it certainly is part of the recipe 🥘
So back to the ‘imperfect’ tulip. At times, when I create space, I explore things to do that I wouldn’t ever normally be drawn to – and that usually leaps into another experience with tons of synchronicities!
Joy leads to more, not less.
So back to the story! As I was exploring things to do one day – I came across an ad for ‘tulip picking’.
It was a beautiful day and I thought ‘why not bring some home’ to have a lovely bouquet! 💐
I could tell you that walking around in the sun and picking out each flower, rather than going into a cold store and quickly grabbing some was a totally different experience. It was even meditative.
As a was walking around, I noticed a flower that wasn’t in bloom like the rest. It was beautiful to me though and it was definitely imperfect. I was told by another attendee not to pick that flower. I quickly said, “It’s imperfect. Just like me.” And I plucked it up, and put it in my bucket!
👉 So many times in life the perfection would really stop me from stepping into the life (and self) I so deeply visualized!
➡️ Perfection wasn’t the problem, it was the excuse.
💡 I was ‘imperfect’ and so was this flower, and why shouldn’t it have a chance to grow too?
When I got home, family members were going through the flowers, and one of them suggested to throw this one away, because it was all wilted.
I quickly grabbed the flower (as it was almost in the trash) and put it right in the vase. Because I believed in it.
It only takes ONE person to believe in us to give us a little encouragement, a smile or a little nudge that we CAN do it. And if you’re like me, you’re imperfect too.
If you’re highly sensitive, if you’ve had trauma in your past, if you feel shame or regret for wasting a lot of time, you are THAT FLOWER.
And you deserve to bloom authentically just like all the other flowers! You kept blooming and kept going even though the process was slow.
And someone deserves to pick you too!
SO, I’m sure you’re wondering what happened the next day!
Well, the flower not only perked up, but it’s now in beautiful bloom with all the other tulips! And I would say it stands out too!
Think about how you can take action today, and still be imperfect!
You MIGHT just surprise yourself! ☀️
Does this inspire you to take imperfect action today? Let me know your thoughts! 👇
Your glimmers are there, it’s time to look for them in your daily life! 🏆
There’s a difference between profit and purpose!

To find your glimmers, just go about your life this week and notice what lights you up! There are clues everywhere!

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Have a great week!

– Marisa

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