The Shocking Truth Behind Number Synchronicities | 111, 222, 333, 444 [REVEALED]

I’m so excited to see where this bread making goes 🥖 (he’s a remodeling contractor by trade BTW!)
Sometimes, as creative leaders and entrepreneurs – we tend to think of “goals” as the things we “do” – like being more productive, finishing our tasks on time, or taking the steps to making more money.
The more we think of how we aren’t doing these things “fast” enough, or feeling like we aren’t even close to hitting our self-imposed deadlines, the activation actually INCREASES in our bodies – putting us even more in a fight/flight or shutdown state.
While it may seem like we are “doing” something by continuously researching or thinking about how we need to do more, we actually find ourselves on that hamster wheel once again!
One of the ways I show people I care about them is not by trying to help get them “fixed” anymore – but by really paying attention to them – watching what lights them up and what makes them smile.
And usually that isn’t figuring out how to make more money – although it can lead to a passion which does!
Sometimes what I do is provide a gentle nudge toward picking up a passion or creative project. Or maybe I might send a gift card for an activity that might spark it up!
Once it hits, and someone gets a spark for their new passion, it’s hard to turn away from it – and things start to get more aligned in ALL life areas!

More times than not, they will come to me later on and say – “You know what? Come to think of it, I remember doing something like this as a kid, or they have a memory of it when they were little!”

Join me, Marisa, in a profound exploration of synchronicity and the mystical world of angel numbers. Discover the profound significance of numbers like 1111 and 222 as we decode their messages in synchronicity with our spiritual journey.

Unveil the guiding influence of synchronicity on our destiny points and free will choices. Let’s unlock the secrets of angel numbers together.

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