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Lounnggeee! Are you ready to hear from one of our popular returning guests on the topic of love and relationships?

Are you married, single or looking for love and can’t seem to get it right? Bob Grant’s practice specializes in helping women understand men, and will be focusing on some very specific techniques in this broadcast.

* Disclaimer: While Bob specializes in women’s issues primarily in relation to men, you can apply his techniques in your relationship in whatever relationship you are in (i.e. opposite sex, same sex, etc.)

Meet our guest, Bob Grant!

Bob is a Clinically trained relationship expert and Amazon best-selling author. He also hosts the life-changing Embracing Your Emotions Journey for Women. You can visit his website to find out more about him at

In this show, Bob will bring you the following key points:

– 3 ways women push a man away, and 3 things men find irresistible

Bob will then talk about his upcoming 6 month training for you to get the breakthrough you are looking for in your love life!

Bob’s course BEGINS OCTOBER 12! And viewers of our show get a special discount! COUPON CODE FOR 10% OFF COURSE: MARISA

Here’s the link for more information & to register:

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