๐Ÿš€ Motivation Monday: She dreams in flowers! ๐ŸŒธ

๐Ÿš€ Motivation Monday: She dreams in flowers! ๐ŸŒธ

A year ago, my client Ella had her first call with me to decide whether she wanted to come on board with us in the Ascend + Align Accelerator program. She was feeling like life was on autopilot, was working in her 9-5 tech job, and raising three kids! While she was settled in her home and family life, she was also looking for more, and was kind of “checked out” with the world because nothing at the time was really lighting her up!

I noticed that she was unmotivated due the low energy she was experiencing from being “in the void”.

As a response to this, our nervous system goes into a sort of “hibernation” mode and either disconnects, or shuts down. We can still barrel through life in this state, completing our chores and other responsibilities. But, in that state of disconnection, our intuition and connection to purpose is also “offline”.
So I started asking Ella what she LOVED. She was really ‘connected’ to herself in her love of wildflowers! She mentioned that she would take pretty pictures of wildflowers and put them on her instagram! I took a look, and knew she had some artistic talent. Then, she showed me a picture of a bouquet she made for a friend, and I’m not someone to just gush over something if it’s not absolutely GORGEOUS! And it was! :open_mouth:

I encouraged Ella to think about taking some steps into this dream over the course of the year, and while I can share what happened in my own words, I’d like Ella to speak for herself!

Ella is STILL bustling with her job and family life, but she has been able to use somatic healing practices to create space in her life for her creativity plus expand her intuitive abilities to take this dream and make it a reality – ALONG WITH HER BUSY SCHEDULE!

She writes: ” A year ago when I started my journey in this program, I got the journal titled โ€œELLAโ€™s FLORAL DREAMโ€ from Marisa :heart: I remember being surprised not inly by getting a gift but also that this is what stood out to Marisa about me from our initial conversation. Today I was the proud florist who created prom bouquets for 4 happy customers. So many thoughts are running through my head:
I still get nervous and stress over making this (especially that it is the first time making prom bouquet and some thing I only know from watching a youtube video. But during the year I learned to trust that the result will be amazing (or decent)
I learned that flowers look best outside – in their natural habitat. I think this applies to people too

I learned that I have a lot of room for improvement

I still enjoyed it despite the stress

I am so thankful for this amazing group of awesome people! “

We are all so proud of Ella! And I’m going to show her off today! :cherry_blossom:

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