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Intuidate Radio ® ~ Relationship Insight with An Intuitive Twist. Hosted by Intuitive Dating Expert & Medium, Marisa Liza Pell (and a host of a wacky crew), you can expect to be both enlightened and entertained. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of love + intuition PLUS follow our crew and their live on-air love stories. 

Listen in to Marisa’s in-depth interviews with love experts, relationship therapists, celebs, authors, astrologers, and of course intuitive and spiritual guides. Will they find love, or will they really be in the process of finding themselves? 

This podcast is a *must listen* for those wanting to take their relationship fulfillment to the next level!


Meet Your Host: Marisa Liza Pell, M.A.

Medium Marisa Liza Pell is internationally known as as one of the most detailed evidential mediums and intuitive dating experts in media entertainment today – as well as a gifted intuitive channel, talk show host and transformational guide. With media credits spanning nearly twenty-three years as a featured personality on major market morning drive radio shows and tv, she intertwines both her zany sense of humor and no holds barred interviewing style when getting to the “heart” of the matter in her shows. She is the creator and host of Intuidate® Radio, the only talk show of its kind intertwining relationships, dating and intuition! Join us for SEASON ONE below!

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