Professional Biography

Marisa Liza Pell


For close to 25 years, Marisa has been serving as an Intuitive Guide | Channel | Intuitive Business Strategist | Speaker | LIVE Show Host | Intuitive Development Mentor, Educator and Program Creator.

Hey there! It's SO nice to have you here!

How many times throughout life have you WISHED someone would see you, hear you and truly understand you?

It IS truly a gift when you can be seen for who you really are, recognized for your true talents and accepted and loved unconditionally for your beautiful flaws (which are sometimes assets by the way!)

Sometimes, we are so conditioned in life to live the life others want us to live, and play the role on the stage we think we are supposed to play, that we get lost on our way. …And we forget our true divine essence and what we truly came here to do.

I’m here to guide you back to your sparkling essence and to live the life of your dreams… even if you don’t know exactly what that looks like yet!

It’s all inside of you already! 🔑 You ready?

Hello and Welcome!  Just like you, I was highly sensitive, intuitive and ambitious since I came to this place called Earth!

I have some incredible stories to share with you someday of how it all happened, but for now I’ll give you some bullet points.

At the age of 14, I had a vivid spiritual experience which essentially activated my intuitive divine gifts and led me to the pathway I’m on today.

Fast forward ⏩ many years, and here I am!

For the past 25 years and into today, Marisa serves as an Intuitive Guide | Channel |Intuitive Business Strategist to both CEOs and mid sized businesses | Speaker | Show Host | Intuitive Development Mentor and Educational Program Creator.

Over the past five years, Marisa transitioned her focus from major market radio and touring, to focusing on women’s transformation and helping them come back home to their intuition for success in life and business.

Since 2003 she has brought her speaking experience and popular seminar, “Using Intuition For Success In Business” to the National Women’s Business Association, Princeton University, Teknion Worldwide Conference among many other educational and business platforms, in addition to being featured for her work in Entrepreneur Magazine.

With over two decades of experience on National TV, Radio and LIVE Speaking and touring on stage, she is now working with women long term in her year long Breakthrough Transformational Program to help them break patterns, stress less, become less scattered and more present and maximize performance, profit, and create a life they love!

Coupled with nervous system regulation, grounding + balance for personal and career success, her signature programs and simple method is being received by ambitious and highly sensitive women leaders worldwide.

In addition to working with clients for over two decades, she continued her interviewing passion by creating an online LIVESTREAMED weekly show featuring in-depth and riveting interviews with well known authors, celebs, meditation experts, spiritual coaches, creatives and transformational guides to keep connection and individual personal development growing while building a solid joy filled and loyal audience. 

One of her favorite personal projects was spearheading the year long talk radio program Intuidate™ Radio 📻Relationship Insight with an Intuitive Twist, in conjunction with the sister talk radio station of popular Princeton NJ radio station 94.5 WPST. (You may have even listened to Marisa on Chris and the Crew in the mornings over the years!)
🎙 Experience a sample episode here!

Following the first season, the show transitioned from live airwaves to a podcast which is still enjoyable today on your favorite podcast player. A show synopsis can be seen below 👇 !

Now, Intuidate™ has expanded to include yearly LIVE workshops on dating and relationships, and learning how to tap into your intuition, and come back home to your true core self in the areas of love and relationships.

Marisa’s gifts have taken her far and wide. She was the youngest in her field at the time her career began.

Currently, Marisa is focusing on serving her members in her Year Long Breakthrough Transformational Program, The Ascend + Align Accelerator.

Opportunities to Apply to enroll in this program open year round. In addition, there is a library of Free Resources, mini courses, and Signature Courses to get you started on the pathway to creating abundant space for your life, and the capacity to step into the lifestyle of freedom you deserve!

📺 Intuidate Radio ® = Relationship Insight with An Intuitive Twist.

Hosted by Intuitive Dating Experts, Marisa Liza Pell and Dating Coach CJ Westyn (and a host of a wacky crew), you can expect to be both enlightened and entertained at once.

With a reality docudrama format, we will follow two of our lovely ladies and their love lives for an entire year as they attempt to get back together with their ex boyfriends.

While on this journey, we will have love experts, therapists, celebs, authors, astrologers, and of course a few psychics on hand to help them on their journey. Will they rekindle their old love, or in the process find themselves? Join us for each week’s episode as we tackle the season storyline!



My mission is to help guide you back to your true essence, break those repeating and limiting relationship cycles and patterns, help you banish self sabotage and get out of your own way… and create a life of calm and balance.

Im here to help you calibrate your compass – the compass of your intuition – so YOU no longer have to rely on outside sources to tell you how to live your life!

Once you reach into your pocket and pull out that dusty compass and set it right, I become your trail guide and my intuitive gifts come in to actually read your energy lines and pathways and illuminate your roads.

We then will strategize which pathways lead to the highest level of fulfillment with the greatest ease, and plan the action steps to get you there.

Sound great! Can I get a yes 🙌

It’s not easy, but my process is simple.

And if you follow the road less traveled, you will have the real gold you are seeking.

Peace. Calm. Clarity. Connection. Energy. Fulfillment. Contentment.

I can tell you I’ve had all the others that I thought would make everything ok and none of those worked.

The real gold is in the internal.

Are you ready and willing to look at your life map and take the road with me!

Let’s do this together!