Your August | September Monthly Energy Update! ✨

🎇 Join Intuitive Channel, Transformational Guide & Medium Marisa Liza Pell in her exciting livestream as she presents the highly anticipated August-September 2023 Monthly Energy Forecast!

Get ready to unlock the secrets of the universe and harness the power of cosmic energy to manifest your deepest desires in every area of your life. From relationships and career to relocation, travel, and creating a harmonious home, Marisa will guide you through the key decisions and energetic shifts that can make all the difference.

August Theme: “August Focus: Embracing Alignment in Your Actions”

Join us this month as we delve into the transformative theme of Alignment in Action. Discover the profound impact of being aligned with your goals and intentions. When decisions are made from a centered mindset, intuition thrives, and your nervous system finds its balance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how alignment can elevate your decision-making process.

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