Guest Bio

Claire Casey is a fiendishly happy full-time writer and a seemingly ordinary woman who has finally discovered her own relationship superpowers.

She’s not a professionally trained therapist with lots of alphabet letters after her name, but she’s been writing about dating, romance, relationships, and sexual intimacy for years now, and can’t imagine loving anything more.

Claire is also a competitive boxer, and she writes and fights in North Carolina right between the mountains and the beach.

She’s recently finished her new program about how to be the intoxicating woman the man of your dreams can’t resist… Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever which you can learn about via the links below!

Show Details

Join host Medium & Intuitive Dating Expert Marisa Liza Pell and co-host CJ Westyn as they provide intuitive and practical relationship advice alongside special guest Claire Casey, author, life, and relationship coach!

Together they join forces to provide insight into Donna and Gina’s current relationship situations and break down the steps to entice & enchant your way into a romantic relationship. 

• Create your own joy
• Finding happiness from within
• Attracting a romantic relationship that you want without manipulation