Episode 20 - Tough Love Takedown with Vinnie The Crumb


Vulnerability and a Change of Feelings

Guest Bio

Heidi is a 2013 graduate and apprentice of the acclaimed Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program and holds certification in Spiritual Guidance, Channeled and Intuitive Messaging, Symbology and Mediumship. In addition, she offers her clients life lessons of the self including empowerment, awareness and forgiveness.

Heidi will take you on a journey to discover the path of your Earthly responsibilities and help you find and address the life lesson that is currently challenging your Spirit. Heidi will provide you with the insight and tools necessary to clear blockages and energies that hinder growth of the spiritual and the physical self.

Bob Grant: Bob is a Clinically Trained Relationship Expert who’s been working with women for over since 1997. His Relationship expertise has been featured on Digital Romance, Savvy Miss, GalTime, Belief.net, and YourTango.com just to name a few.

Through Relationship Headquarters, he helps women create successful, satisfying, and fulfilling love relationships by better understanding men.


Episode 20 - Tough Love Takedown with Vinnie The Crumb

Show Details

Host Medium & Intuitive Dating Expert Marisa Liza Pell is joined by Vinnie the Crumb in the new Summer Lifestyle Series where every 2 weeks a different male co-host will join the show for a different perspective. #DonnaDrama and #StableGina are back in the studio sharing what they’ve been up to romantically. In a surprising turn of events, #DonnaDrama gets vulnerable and opens up about some self-reflection and coming to terms with her feelings as she moves past the denial she has been living in.


Heidi L. Ferguson, medium & intuitive, calls in to update her intuitive relationship reading for #DonnaDrama, giving insight as to why she is optimistic about her relationship.


THEN Bob Grant, relationship coach, calls in to share his 2 cents on #DonnaDrama’s situation. He also shares with us the 3 ways that women push men away: 

• By being negative/harsh
• By looking for ways to test a man
• By doing things to ruin or end a relationship (sabotage)


Bob also touches on the 3 things that men and women really want out of a relationship:
• To feel safe
• To feel special
• The ability to maintain tension in a relationship