Long term relationships and keeping the spark alive


Lisa Weikel is a shamanic practitioner who has spent her life learning from Mother Earth and Nature. Soon after passing the bar exam and diving into the world of constant learning that is general law practice, Lisa found herself guided to an array of books on the subjects of reincarnation and the nature of reality. These books brought with them, feelings of excitement and purpose leading her further exploration of territories she had only dreamed of previously.


Bob Grant: Bob is a Clinically Trained Relationship Expert who’s been working with women for over since 1997. His Relationship expertise has been featured on Digital Romance, Savvy Miss, GalTime,, and just to name a few.


Through Relationship Headquarters, he helps women create successful, satisfying, and fulfilling love relationships by better understanding men.


In 1970, Teresa DeSanctis along with her late husband Antonio, opened the Ravioli House in Wildwood, NJ. When Teresa and Antonio DeSanctis began making pastas years ago, it was made by hand from only pure semolina and durum wheat flour, whole fresh eggs, and water. Today the only difference is that the pastas are made by machine. The ingredients still contain only all natural ingredients of fresh eggs, genuine pecorino romano cheese, fresh parsley, and the finest spices available. What the DeSanctises have brought with them from Italy- he from Abbruzzi, she from Naples- is pure love of good food and a desire to prepare it with both skill and quality and for the appreciation of others.


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Host Medium & Intuitive Dating Expert Marisa Liza Pell, along with cohost #StableButLateGina welcome back Dell, Bob Grant (relationship expert), and Lisa Weikel (shamanic practitioner) to discuss long term relationships and keeping the spark alive. Bob Grant shares his neverending wisdom by breaking down 2 main stages in a relationship (adrenaline and endorphins) and 3 universal practices to add depth to your relationship.

• Never take each other for granted
• Find out, what are their “10’s” are and do 1 every week
• Remind yourself of the times that they have been loyal


They also chat with Theresa DeSanctis, owner of the Ravioli House in Wildwood, NJ, and wife of 50 years about her tried and true tips to make a marriage work for the long haul.