How to Feng Shui your bedroom, the 3 phases of dating


Kimberly Seltzer is an image expert, dating coach, and matchmaker. She draws upon her experience as a therapist by using a true inside-out approach in her practice. The reason she is so passionate about what she does is that she not only has professional experience, but she has also gone through a personal journey of her own.

Yona Beller – Highly intuitive, Yona utilizes her ability and years of experience during Feng Shui consults to guide her clients.

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Host Medium & Intuitive Dating Expert Marisa Liza Pell welcomes back Kimberly Seltzer (image expert, dating coach, and matchmaker), Yona Beller (energy field clearing practitioner and feng shui expert), and Corinne! Yona gives tips on how to balance the energies in your bedroom when you decide you’re ready for a lifemate. A few of her key tips include having matching bedside tables, NO storage under the bed, but DO make sure that your bed is lifted off the ground.

Corinne is a self-proclaimed “hot mess” and is seeking advice on relationships and life in general. Kimberly chimes in suggesting a “dating fast” as well as altering your language in a more positive manner. She details the 3 phases of relationships: courting, dating, relationship. Kimberly shares that communication, compliments, & listening are the key factors to keeping a relationship going and the spark alive once you reach the relationship phase.


This episode is full of tangible, easy-to-implement relationship advice suitable for singles and couples alike!