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Online dating faux pas and intimacy in relationships

Guest bio:

Micke is a psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience in working with clients in addition to over fifteen years of teaching and holding workshops. She works in partnership with clients to help them find the peace and healing needed to overcome the many different obstacles they face each day so that they may live a more fulfilling life.

Micke specializes in the treatment of anxiety, panic disorder, depression, self-harm and substance abuse. She also offers counseling to couples and families to improve inter-personal relationships through better communication and understanding of the dynamics found within those relationships.

She takes the responsibility of her work with clients very seriously; Micke feels honored to have the opportunity to share time with her clients during their life journey.

Join host Medium & Intuitive Dating Expert Marisa Liza Pell and co-host CJ Westyn, as they discuss the faux pas to avoid when it comes to online dating. Thinking about asking for a sexy pic? Or perhaps sending one yourself? Think again!


They will also be chatting with Micke Stafford, relationship and family therapist, about intimacy. Can you build and maintain intimacy in an existing relationship? Where does the intimacy originate from in a new relationship?


And don’t forget about the unfolding on-air romance between Donna Drama and our regular caller Mike. Could there be a love match in the making?


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