Are you ready for the commitment you deserve?

Intuidate™ LIVE includes everything you need to finally make the commitment TO YOURSELF to uplevel your love life in 2023, so that you can achieve the type of relationship fulfillment you’ve always dreamed of!

During this one time live event, we are going to put the pedal to the metal, get you unstuck in love and catapult you to make the tough decisions to get your love life exactly where you want it! Single, married, partnered – or somewhere in between, we’ve got what it takes to get you aligned and excited in love!


Are you tired of fighting the old, and watching yourself go through the same cycles and patterns year after year?

2024 is the year of higher consciousness and alignment with your soul's mission and purpose. If you're highly sensitive and have tried everything to get clarity in your life (books, affirmations, endless research) etc. and you're finding yourself unable to level up and move through certain stuck points - you're in the right place! Sometimes we need more than just intuitive channeled guidance, as our energetic patterns are hidden deeply within the body and our subconscious.

There are times our patterns go well beyond this lifetime, and are saddled deep within our ancestral lines.

We may also play out patterns of energy in our early energy environment that we've blocked - over and over again! If we continue to be blocked, we will continue to cycle - and no amount of "trying to figure it out" or gaining more intellectual 'knowledge' will fix it.

Our mission here is to illuminate the patterns playing out in your life, and to begin to MOVE the energy, so you can start to gain momentum (even in micro-steps) and move past your patterns into a life of deeper fulfillment.

This is why we decided to team up for these two special events!

Soul Illumination


Illuminate your pathways and release your blocks.

Tuesday, April 9 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET.
90 Minute Session