Your April Monthly Energy Forecast! ✨ Back to the good ol' days.

Your Energy Update For The Period of April 15th - May 15th 2023

Welcome to the April 15th-May 15th monthly energy forecast, where I will go over the theme of the month, as well as the key dates and times for manifesting, taking action, and which sectors of life will be highlighted in this period.

Normally my monthly energy forecasts are delivered via video each month, but alas the spring trees and pollen have gotten to me recently!

This forecast is going to be a little different this month due to my allergies – it’s hard to get on the mic for too long! I’d rather get you your forecast in a different format than not get it to you at all!

So, here we go!


🏔 The Theme of The Month is “What is Left To Be Uncovered!”

How many times
have you been so busy in life, and so overwhelmed that little things just got overlooked and after a long time, they may have snowballed into bigger things!

➡️ Maybe that gym membership you got a year ago is still being charged to your card at $52 a month, and you just haven’t bothered to check your statements – and it just keeps getting charged and charged and charged over and over again.

→ Or maybe you lost something important a while ago, and you will now find it under a huge pile of papers you didn’t get to get through over the last year!

You’ve been like a tumbleweed rolling through the dust storm of life since February hit of 2023, and you haven’t stopped.

Emotional turmoil has been rolling through the storm as well, and the dust clouds made it hard to get to see the little details of it all.

Maybe, like me, you’ve been stuffed up for a while and didn’t pay attention and now your sinuses are completely blocked!

Wherever the case, what needs to be uncovered will undoubtedly lead you to a blank slate and allow you to start anew, from a brand new beginning – and create the life you were meant to move towards almost 12 years ago.

And don’t let it fool you, we’ve all been misdirected through the duststorm, and those of us that are highly intuitive and a little more sensitive had the hardest hit since February with a lot of emotions coming to the surface first, and then everything else.

Some of these uncovered items have been sneakily sitting in the background collecting dust – and costing you more money and you didn’t even know it!

I could tell you this is the case with insurances as well, as I remember getting one of mine with a company almost 5 years ago.  It was a great rate, and I locked it in, and since it just auto-renewed haven’t checked it since.

Would you believe when I looked it was almost a thousand dollars more?

The point is, will all the turbulence and the up-leveling of consciousness in our universe for the last 3 years, things have come to the surface with our transformations and transitions that have made it very difficult to really pay attention to these small details.

It’s like the new closet you built a year ago that was nice and neat and now it’s completely cluttered! And you don’t even know how it got this way!

Why? Well for various reasons, and many energetically!

Over the past several years, and ascension period, the focus was on survival as a human race, and for each of us individually!

So many have had deep revelations and reflections during the time of the pandemic – and it led many souls to want to create personal and professional transformations.

For many, they didn’t know if these major changes were out of reach or how they would even be achieved!

So it’s time now to get down to brass tacks – and take a look into the details of things, you might find that you strike gold ….literally!!!

Take the time to do a thorough cleanup, especially of your space, both physical and financial. 

Allllrightyy, then. So how is this resonating with you so far?

Lot’s of serious, practical stuff right? 

Well, it’s time also to get away and have some fun! ⛱

…And maybe do some clearing of your major energy fields, so you can release, renew and replace the past with an impeccable foreseeable future!

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Now let’s get into it – the period between April 15th and May 15th

➡️ First, let’s look at the major aspects that may present as challenges to our regular movement forward.

Is the past resurfacing in your mind? Have you heard from people you haven’t spoken to in a while? 

➡️ Well, there’s a reason for that, and that’s the lovely Mercury Retrograde motion you are sensing. We are officially in it’s shadow – so if you are feeling a little bit like you’re going over old ground and memories, that’s probably why.

From April 21st through May 14th, Mercury will be going in reverse in the sign of Taurus.

Funny thing about going over old ground is even this forecast!!

Before I produced them in video format, they were always written out – so maybe this will even bring the “old” back for you, if you’ve been following me for a while!

We are officially in the days leading up to the retrograde motion, and we always have to be aware of the 3 days prior to the retrograde station, as it tends to be a little more intense before the slowdown and also the 3 days leading out.

So if you are experiencing minor delays, and GPS re-routes already, know that you’re already experiencing the Mercury Retrograde, and instead take it from the old Milli Vanilli song, and just “blame it on the GRADE.” I know, I know. Maybe you’ll laugh – if you get the 80’s reference! 😉

Symbolized by the bull, Taurus (the first Earth sign of the zodiac) is associated with the material world: objects, money, food, environmentalism, and resources of all kinds, (including financial institutions) are all within its domain.

Surprise, surprise! With what I was mentioning before about old papers, banking and old insurance agreements, it seems to all make sense!

Mercury moves fast – in fact it takes Mercury only 88 days to complete an orbit around the sun – which is why Mercury was named after the Roman messenger god of commerce, who also governed communication, travel and transportation.

(Today, Mercury’s role has been expanded to include technology, digital expression, thoughts and ideas.)

Considering Mercury’s impressive scope, it’s no wonder we rely pretty heavily on this planet from an astrological perspective.

And with everything I already listed, isn’t it interesting what’s being uncovered?

We are starting off the month with a little sad song, but don’t we all love sad songs sometimes? (Come on in, Elton!)

Below are the April dates, beginning with the 16th!

✍️ 16th – The day of rainy days and sad songs. Remember those days? When it just felt good to go back to old memories..and remember how great an old song could make you feel?

Maybe it was sad, maybe it brought up an old relationship, and maybe it brought back the smells, sights and sounds of a previous time.

It was a great feeling remembering the good old times.

Today is a day where you may literally go back in time! Enjoy whatever the day holds

✍️ 17th, 18th and 19th – The days of tough love. What needs to stay and what needs to go?

It’s time to ask yourself…

What is working and what isn’t?

It may be a tough couple days to come to these realizations.

But it may just be what it takes and what you need to turn it around and make the turnaround, if you know what I mean.

In these three days, it will be extremely hard to debate the facts, and things will be very clear, so there’s no room for misinterpretation.

You can argue it, you can’t debate it, it’s either you take it and let it guide you, or leave it.

✍️ 20th – After a few days of really tough things to think about, you may have your first real eye opening experience, or mini spiritual awakening so to speak.

Something that you’ve been going back and forth about now makes a ton of sense.

It’s your first real A-HA moment on this topic and something you’ve been processing for some time.

Now after a tough few days, it finally makes sense. The veil has been lifted and you no longer have to go back and forth about this topic anymore.

But there are some decisions to be made. However –

While you may have the clarity, now is not the time to make them due to the Mercury Retrograde lack of clarity and retrograde station on the 21st. 

✍️ 21st – The 21st will be a power day even though it is the beginning of the experiences in communication being a bit “wirey” so to speak.

But if you think of it, we already had that for the last 7 or so days anyway!

I feel the 21st will be a 🏆 golden day to get what you want.

It needs to be focused only on ONE item though.

✨ Kind of like when you visited the mall as a kid and put the penny in the fountain! ⛲️

Here is an example!

What is something you want in one area, maybe relationships?

Do you want someone to just truly understand you, make an adjustment for you, or give in to something you’ve been wishing for for a while?

How about something material, practical, or maybe even an answer you’re seeking.

Today, is the 🏆 golden day, stay focused and use it wisely, and look for that shiny penny somewhere! ✨

✍️ 22nd – A great day to get some “you” time, some sleep and rest – even if you have to do a brief getaway for the day! Maybe a spa? 🧖🏻‍♀️

✍️ 23rd – Also a good day for a break, or even to get out in the sun ☀️ outside. Also a great vacation day, just don’t want the retrograde to be in full swing to start your plan!

✍️ 24th and 25thThe twin days. For some reason, I heard the twin towers, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

I see them as towering, strong and powerful against the NYC skyline. 🌅

I feel this means that you have the support in one sector of life that you’ve always wanted and have been lacking.

You now have strong, successful, powerful and even emotionally strong people around you and behind you, finally giving you the tremendous support you need.

✍️ 26th – The 26th almost jumped out on the page to me – not sure what that means!

It’s a day of decisions!

Legal matters may be rectified or solved and be delivered.

News may also come to you of something that has been unsolved, or “masked” in the past year – not allowing you to see the whole picture.

I want to say this was accomplished by others for their own means and specifically for others not to know.

News will come from an unexpected source and you WILL know.

✍️ 27th – You may be angry or even fearful about what you found out.

Do not be afraid. What has happened was the exact path the person or situation had to follow from the previous 3 decision points in their life where the path may have changed otherwise.

There was nothing you could do.

You must sit with this and accept it, and try to come to terms with accepting the “decision” by the other person to make the choices they did.

It was not about you. Wasn’t ever. Will not ever be.

They stand by as a protector to this day. Stay strong.

✍️ 28th – Some old writings will be uncovered either from a journal you will find, or by any author that may understand the truth about a serious question or problem you’ve been seeking or encountering.

You will be set free by these truths if you look at them from a different perception. 

✍️ 29th & 30th – Clear days to “loll in the Florida sunshine” as they say!

Kick your feet up and enjoy the sunshine!

Listen to some music and maybe see friends on the back deck and BBQ!


I also keep seeing the old episodes of the love boat.

Hmmm maybe this is some old school love.

✨ May 1st is a very powerful day of love. Someone may profess their love or admiration for you that you had no idea was coming, or you may hear from someone from the far past (like from 15-20 years ago) that comes forth and professes their old feelings and regrets about not following through on expressing how they felt at the time.

They may expect a reply from you about this, but you do not know to respond, and it’s better you take some time to sit with it. 

✨ May 2nd – A great day to go back to an old creative passion like an art, or painting class.

Something you may have started that you enjoyed that you didn’t get to really do much of!

There is some talent there, get back to it.

✨ May 3rd – Watch out! You are on your game. 🏆  Even though it’s the retrograde and I don’t usually advise promoting yourself at this time, I’d say go for it in the areas of career, and recognition. 🏆

There are people behind the ‘scenes’ who’ve been watching your progress, and they may finally feel right about coming out of the woodwork, making you some sort of offer, and not taking no for an answer (even though you may feel you’re done considering what has not worked in the past!) 

Consider it! ☀️

👉 May 4th – The day of love and devotion. If you have a spiritual practice, this is the day where you should turn to your guides, angels or saints, or God (in your way) and will know that the direction you are now in has been written and you’re on path.

Thank them, connect with them. This is your day of devotion, and those who are devoted to you will profess it.

✍️ May 5th – The day of indecision, contradiction and compromise.

What do these three things all have in common?

Well first you’re back to that see saw mentality about something new this time.

And you don’t want that! 

Now that you’ve had clarity on everything else, it’s like the mind has to find something else to obsess about.

Don’t let it happen!

Because you’ll be right back where you started.

The indecision will lead to contradiction in your actions, which will then lead you to realize you have to compromise something you “think” you want.

Realize today’s energy is just merely an illusion, and you’ll be making more of a mess out of the mess you just recreated if you know what I mean!

✍️ May 6th – Take very good care of your personal health and hygiene and put self-care as a priority this weekend. You may feel the “rush” inside to get a lot done.

And it won’t go well and it will certainly lead to miscommunication and even possibly arguments which will invariably lead to you feeling “off”.

Stay calm. Stay centered. Do some deep work, breathing or yoga.

✨ May 7th – The day in May to rest! You must. Put your feet up!

✨ May 8th, 9th and 10th

These are your power days of organization, setting things up and structuring your processes.

Keep these days set for practical purposes and don’t care about any emotional things. 

✍️ May 11th – Great day to set yourself up for powerful releases and transformations!

✍️ May 12th – The day of self-love, and service completely to the self so you can elevate and help others on their own journeys.

✍️ May 13th – A day of big, fat, abundance and joy!!!

✍️ May 14th – Following these big releases, there may be some sadness and old grief that surfaces.

🌊 If you are around water, leave it there and set sail! 🏖

✍️ May 15th – A day of staying put. Not doing too much. Just reflecting. Don’t take much too seriously today, although you may want to assess everything.

The more you stay ‘out of your mind’ (in a good way) and into the present being the better!

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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.