Intuidate® Radio – Episode Fifty-One

This week’s episode of Intuidate® Radio has come 360! Marisa and #stablegina bring up some important show announcements as the final episode of the season will be next week! During last week’s interview with the #themoment, #stablegina has realized she will NOT give up on love but rather take her creative pursuits to the next level. Next, an important YEAR END review is at hand, as Marisa and #stablegina discuss Gina’s initial goals of reuniting with her ex. Has the past year of Intuidate® helped #stablegina achieved her goal, and where does she go from here? 

Next segment reviews Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Worst Dates Ever!, followed by a final recap of all of our favorite Intuidate® experts, characters and co-hosts and their matching #hashtags. Finally, we can’t forget about our host and how she put herself into the spotlight mid-season with #thedissapearingact. Find out how this Intuidate® Challenge lead to her own end of season #happybeginning.

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