A Simple Word: An Amazing Validation

A Simple Word — An Amazing Validation

January 29th, 2009

As you all know, I have many sessions a week to connect to those who have passed. Since I have been doing this for a while, it takes a lot to send me over the edge.

Today I met with a client who has been to me previously due to his son’s passing of a drug overdose. I am always a bit reluctant with returning clients, because I know that the same person may not come through each time. I don’t want their grief to be worse if the spirit isn’t the one they would like to connect with.

I always love working with those who have ties to other countries.  It’s always interesting to channel messages with relatives who don’t have American names. It definitely makes me very excited, because names that come through aren’t the usual Joe’s and Tom’s.  Don’t get me wrong — if a client sits down and I get the name Tom and it’s the person’s father who passed, that’s amazing. However, it doesn’t shock me to pick up on American names in a session.

My client is Greek. Since his son already came through twice, I told him I wasn’t sure what would happen in this session. I knew going into the office today that if his son did come through, it may only be for a short time due to the fact that he crossed over after the last session. I had a feeling a few of his other relatives needed to talk to him. I didn’t know how he would handle that. But I have a soft heart for him, and I knew whatever happened he’d be happy with.

As we started the session, he assured me that whatever happened he was ok with. Sure enough, his father who passed a year ago came through with a lot of information about his family and health. He didn’t have the best relationship with his dad, so the connection needed to happen both for his healing and for the spirit of his father to cross over. I felt as though they were bickering during our session! It was pretty amusing to watch my client look over my shoulder and tell his dad to talk about other things!

During the session, his father mentioned two Greek names which happened to be my client’s mother in law who just moved in with them as well as her brother — all things that happened within a week’s time. The next name threw me for a loop because it was a very common American name, so I doubted myself and almost didn’t say it.

I thought for sure he wouldn’t know what I was talking about. But instead, I knew better and said, “Who’s BOB?” I even felt funny telling a Greek guy, ‘BOB’. That just didn’t even make sense. But his eyes widened and said, “BOB! Oh yes, that’s what I call my dog!” A Greek man naming his dog Bob! I couldn’t believe it.  In addition to the name Bob, information came about coughing.  Apparently, his dog Bob is having coughing spells! That just goes to show me I need to keep my analytical mind out of things and just pass the message along that the spirit is trying to tell me.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering — if this message is so simple why is she telling me all this other stuff? I have no idea myself. I just start writing and then all these other stories come out!

So anyway…my client’s father steps aside and his son comes through next. He relays a few messages and then stops. The next image in my mind was a hat, and I got the feeling that it was his son’s hat. It was one image. I didn’t know what to make of it. So I said to the father, “He’s mentioning one of his hats. Do you have a hat of his?”

Here’s where I was shocked. My client starts to well up with tears, and goes into his coat pocket and pulls out his son’s winter hat that was scrunched in his side pocket. He told me that he forgot that he had it until I mentioned it, and brought it to show me. He then placed it on the table and we both just sat there in silence. It was an amazing and moving moment.

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