Belated Blog: A Variety Pack of Updates!

Belated Blog – A Variety Pack of Updates!

February 13th, 2008


Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote! Of course the current energy of mercury retrograde has me scattered. But this one hasn’t been so bad. I’m sitting here writing as we are having our first real major snow/ice storm of the season. I can’t believe it was 70 degrees last week here in Mt. Laurel NJ! Below this post you will find February’s Inspirational Message.

Since I last wrote, we have had several successful events and one fundraiser. At the end of January we had another gallery in Lawrenceville NJ to benefit the Slackwood Fire Company. As usual, the event sold out early, and we even ended up going a little over time. We raised money, and also delivered some healing messages.

We ended up having a special guest at the gallery, who took it upon himself to take up the microphone during the gallery and give a riveting testimonial! Before he received his reading, the messages were getting stuck, and a lot of messages weren’t getting validated. We were off to a very scattered, slow start.

Once I came to the man in the front row, the information started flowing and didn’t stop. Every detail followed his monotone response, “That is correct.” After a while, the audience found his demeanor endearing, and the phrase quite humorous.Detail after detail became validated in a row.

After his reading with his wife who passed, it seemed as if he wanted to speak, and then spoke into the mic with conviction. He told me how he was very skeptical before he had come to see me for the first time at the Trenton Thunder baseball stadium. As soon as he said his name was Ted, I realized who he was! He was the man who wrote the testimonial that is listed on the front page of my website!

I feel bad sometimes when I don’t initially recognize people. Since I do several events a month, and read many individual clients, I have a hard time remembering people I have only seen once. Plus I remember nothing of the readings. I seem to get amnesia after I do a gallery, because the thoughts aren’t coming from me. Once I shut down after a two hour event, I am so tired that I have to zone out and regroup.

However, we do have our Connection Beyond groupies who come to almost every event, so I do know exactly who they are. However, I don’t remember their messages from those who have passed. Since I have a very visual memory, if someone reminded me what gallery they were at and where they were sitting, I may remember their face. This is how I remembered Ted. He was in the priority section sitting right next to where I was standing.

That night, Ted spoke with enthusiasm about his first session with his late wife at Trenton Thunder and then with this message. He reiterated details that I said at the gallery a year ago that I couldn’t believe I said! I looked at him in amazement, and asked him if I really said all those things. He said with the same tone, “you certainly did.”! He mentioned that I kept saying 1-800-SHOELACE. He said that that was the name of his dog. His dog used to always untie his shoelaces! He also told the room that after the gallery that night, his shoelaces became untied themselves.

In addition, Ted told people how important it was to be open and receptive in the gallery. He was so insightful, and I think he saw how some people were getting stuck because they were blocking in one form or another.

He said it was just as important for the person being read to be open as much as it was for me. This is completely true. I can’t read people if their mind and heart aren’t open. Sometimes, people aren’t intentionally doing this, or it is their first time so they are nervous. In any case, Ted felt it was his mission to let people know how important it is for spirits on the other side to get their messages to us.

Sometimes I may be tough on people, especially if I feel they are not cooperating. The main reason I do this is because I WANT them to get the message they came to the gallery for. In addition, there are many other people there who would give anything for the chance to hear from someone. When the galleries get stuck, time is taken away from giving more messages. My body can only read for so long.

I have never seen a guest at a gallery stand up and give such a testimonial. It made me feel that I was making a difference and that someone who was so skeptical could have such a change of heart. Plus, his openness to even come to event in the first place showed his willingness to have an open mind. He left with great healing.

Right after he was read, a man and his wife got a reading. They were a few more men that were there than usual. I could tell that this man was new just by the way he was looking at me. When I first come to people, sometimes they get this “deer in the headlights” look. Eventually, they do calm down and ease into the experience. It can be very intense for the first time.

The man’s father ended up coming through. I don’t remember the specifics of the reading, but as I said above, I knew where he was sitting. During the reading, I kept hearing his father bugging me to tell him he knew about the watch — almost in a sarcastic way. Immediately the man’s wife gasped, and started to cry. He just looked at me in shock. I didn’t get it! I didn’t know how a watch could have that effect. There was a pause, and then the man pulled his father’s watch from out of his pocket! He said he put in it there, because he didn’t want to wear it. It had stopped (which his father also mentioned), but he also didn’t want me to see it. It was a powerful moment. He knew from such a simple message that his father was really there.

And of course I remember that message because I SAW the watch that night come out of his pocket! How can you forget that?

In addition to the many galleries, we had our Intuitive Development- Level One Workshop at Necessities Day Spa this weekend. A lot of my regular gallery attendees showed up, and it the group was ridden with people who had such awesome potential to develop their intuitive gifts. Some people were definitely not beginners :)

It was a great day for me to get out of my own head. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I booked the event on the one year anniversary of my biological mother’s passing. I find that if I create ways to serve in times where my head is thinking too much, it can be helpful to everyone. I was happy to be doing an all day class that day.

The workshop is slated to go for six hours, however, with people’s schedules, a four hour workshop seemed more doable. The event went by so fast, people couldn’t believe it! Plus we still didn’t get to all of our exercises. It was amazing how everyone bonded during the experience, and the people who were convinced that didn’t have any abilities during certain exercises actually were the ones that excelled!

I was so proud of everyone and I can’t wait to take the group to the next Level during our Level II workshop. Don’t worry all you newbies, another Level I will be coming soon. If you are interested in being informed of the class, please e-mail us Ok I think I wrote enough for today! If you attended the workshop, and would like to post your comments/experiences, please feel free!

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