Energetic Shift Barrels Through This Week!

Energetic Shift Barrels Through This Week!

March 26th, 2009

I can’t believe the swift shift (those two words are a little tough to say together) in energy that came upon us starting on Monday of this week. Because it is so powerful, I wanted you to know about it so that you can use it to your advantage.

This is a MONEY MAKING week! If you own a business or you are in sales, or any service related industry, this is the week to up the ante and make up for slow moving income in the past couple months. As the mind is ripe with new ideas, it is moving faster than the physical body. They are both in a polar opposite space this week — meaning that your body may feel sluggish, and you may experience quite a bit of joint pain and just general malaise. So physically, you may not want to leave the house. That’s ok if you can work from home, because the shift in energy may be quite too cutting to some very sensitive people. If you have to leave the house, do the best that you can to not procrastinate and get what you need to get done! It’s best to be ahead of the game and not behind in the upcoming weeks. This is the best time to make decisions and stick with them. Drink a lot of water this week!

Beware of anything “cutting” to the physical body around this time. This refers to surgery and especially invasive dental procedures. You may not heal as quickly. Mental energy is high, so any work you can do to pormote yourself, your business, or even get work done, do it through the computer and any other fast paced technology.

This is a great time for those in the TV and Film industries as funding will rocket in out of nowhere. Timing is of the essence, because this shift will occur quickly and leave quickly, so there will be no room for negotiations of contracts or asking for more money than is offered. Take the first offer, as it will be very profitable. If you try to nickel and dime, they will pull out and make the offer to someone else. Be grateful, and jump on the opportunity.

Get as much done as possible during this week, especially through the weekend. If you have to work over the weekend to get the practical details in place, do so. It will pay off when the energy slows down. Those who editing jobs will find that this energy is perfect to get the job done.

Those in creative positions may not do as well. If the project isn’t already in post production, there will be too many minds going a mile a minute to try to have their say. Minds will come together to finish and not to start.

On a sad note, there may be a high rate of suicides during this time, due to the mental energy of making up one’s mind instantly. The weather will be very erratic, especially for those near water. Rain storms will most likely prove heavy along with high winds. The ocean will have strong rip tides. This is also a time of the mind racing so much that it tends to be a bit erratic, especially while driving. Try to stay off the road if you don’t need to go out, namely during rush hour and times where there are rain storms.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your customers, or with other business associates. Networking with work will prove to be very beneficial!

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