Events Happening While A Gallery Is In Progress

May 20th, 2008

Hello Again,

Please accept my utmost apologies for not writing in quite a while. It’s been very busy around here, and travel has had me on the road a lot. But no excuses! I have a lot to say these days, which I think you will find interesting. If you haven’t already, please read my May Inspirational Message below about all the changes going on with jobs.

So back to my topic at hand: I’ve been noticing some strange patterns happening at group galleries and private sessions lately. Those on the other side are mentioning events that are going on somewhere else WHILE THE SESSION IS TAKING PLACE! Of course the person being read cannot validate these details because they have no idea that they are going on, so luckily I’ve had some people come back and tell me what transpired after they left the session.

This is why I have people take detailed notes of everything I say. If the person being read only writes down what makes sense while the session is happening, then they are missing out on all the other information that could be validated by family members once they leave. These, to me, are the real AH HA moments!

The one story that blew me away came from a woman who has come to see me five times, and each time I had a hard time reading her. When I refer to people ‘blocking’ their energy, I would say she wins hands down! I remember scheduling a session with a woman over the phone to come and see me in person. I liked her energy and was looking forward to seeing her. Even though she said she has seen me before, I didn’t recall the name. When she came to the door, I knew I recognized her face but couldn’t place it. As she sat down, she said she had to tell me something amazing that happened to her after the last reading. Then she reminded me that I had a very difficult time with her each time I read her because of her energy being blocked. She told me at one point, I got so frustrated I had to leave the room! We had a good laugh about it, and I couldn’t believe after all this that she kept coming back.

Now to the good stuff. She told me that while I was reading her last time, I mentioned a dog named Lexi or Alexis. So, after the reading, the person went home and saw that there were several messages from her friend on her phone. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, so she ignored the calls. Finally, the calls got so persistent that she called her friend back. Her friend told her she was trying to get in touch with her all day to let her know that she just got a NEW DOG! The name was Alexis on paper but Lexi for short. This all happened WHILE THE PERSON WAS GETTING THE READING!

But wait, it gets better! About a year later, the woman was at her friend’s house with the dog and her friend said she had a confession to make. She told her that Bernstein the dog was supposed to be a GIFT FOR THE WOMAN who got the reading, but when she picked it up she got so attached to it that she kept it!

The woman was actually connecting to her husband who passed. He was mentioning this dog while the gallery was going on to let her know she would be getting a dog, but her friend got it instead!

In another instance, I was doing a private gallery at a home in NJ. When I arrived, the host told me that several people were not able to make it. During the session I mentioned a Ronnie* (name changed), and the host said that that was her next door neighbor that was supposed to be there, but was unable to come last minute. Since there was someone there for her, I had to give the host messages to give her even though the woman was not there.

The spirit was the woman’s grandmother and she told us to tell her not to to let Ronnie’s husband measure the front door, because the measurements would be wrong and when the new door came it would not fit. I asked the host if Ronnie* and her husband were doing renovations. She said yes that they were remodeling their kitchen, but knew nothing about a new front door. The grandmother also mentioned collector sea shell soaps, and again the host didn’t know what this meant.

The next day I received a phone call from the host telling me that she went over Ronnie’s house, and that WHILE THE MESSAGES WERE BEING GIVEN ABOUT HER, her FRONT DOOR WAS BEING MEASURED AT THAT EXACT TIME. There were several people at her house doing this, including her husband. At that point in time, she didn’t know what the seashell soaps were. Then suddenly she remembered that she had a box of her grandmother’s seashell soaps, and in honor of her she was redoing her bathroom with matching seashell wallpaper!

Moral of the story is: don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand the messages right away!

PS Sometimes I even get frustrated if I can’t validate details! Keep telling me your stories, it keeps me inspired to do the work!



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