February 2023 Energy Update

Join Medium | Intuitive Guide Marisa Liza Pell as she channels her Monthly Energy Update + Forecast for February 2023!!!

Quick Question For You!

I’m thinking about creating a new group mentorship program where I will personally help you:

– Build Trust and Confidence In Your Intuition and completely release scattered thinking, overwhelm and confusion.
– Gain Clarity About Your Career + Soul Purpose, and take inspired action toward building an abundant and aligned life doing what you love & wake up each day excited and energized about what you do!
– Break free from Your Repeating Cycles and Patterns and design a life supported by reciprocal, nurturing and fulfilling relationships! (yes, that means in love too!)

Would you like help in these areas?

Let me know below in the comments!

This energy update will cover the forecast for the dates of Feb 15 through March 15 2023.

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