Keeping Your Energy In Check

Keeping Your Energy In Check

December 14th, 2007


The holiday season is usually a busy one for me. I have a lot of public and private sessions and people are more emotional and anxious than usual (so are those on the other side!).

Most people don’t realize that a medium has to open up their energy field to be able to channel the messages that the spirit world wants to relay. While a medium is in this state, they are not only able to receive messages, but they are open to the energy that you (the client) is putting out at the time of the reading. Normally, people are able to protect themselves against people’s energies.

However, those of you who are more “empathic” may feel much more than you want to. You may go into work, and if there is tension between people, you may leave work angry. You may be on the phone with a friend with a lot of problems and you hang up feeling drained. In essence, you are feeling what the people around you are putting out.

If you are anxious, depressed, angry, nervous, or fearful during your session, you are going to be more difficult to read. Your emotion is felt by the medium, and it makes it harder for them to do the work they need to do to receive messages. The medium then has to do extra work to counteract the energy you are putting out before being able to get clear communication.

The same principle applies to people who refuse to open up to be read. Just as there are people who come in with too much, there are also people who “block” themselves from being read. When a client blocks me, I feel like I am up against a cement wall. This person may not be blocking intentionally, but may subconsciously be fearing what may come through. This also happens a lot with over-thinkers or analytical types. They want to observe the situation and analyze it, before deciding to participate.

Most people equate “blocking” with being a skeptic. Actually, this is not usually the case. Sometimes the client may want someone to come through so much that they block me from bringing them any other messages that they need to receive. They are intent on hearing from one person and one specific message, and they are closing themselves off to any other option.

Ironically, the skeptics usually get the best readings! Why? Because they have absolutely no expectations of the medium. They are usually there to support a friend, and don’t really believe in the process anyway, so their mind is completely free and clear of any expectations.

So you may be asking…”how do I stop blocking?” The best solution I have is to clear your mind of any expectations or fears, and sit back like you are in a movie theater and enjoy the experience. Whether or not you receive a message shouldn’t be as important as leaving with an experience that the other side has made a connection and that there is hope that we survive death.

You may think that because I’m a medium that I know for sure that there is an afterlife. I don’t think anyone knows that for sure. I was a skeptic myself for many years, and I needed more proof than most of my biggest skeptics! I just kept doing the work, and people kept coming back. After a few years, I had a larger client base than I ever imagined. I never expected to be doing this work.

I love my skeptics! I love when people question this work. I know I did for so long. My biggest fans are those who came in as non-believers. To see them open up to this and have hope makes me feel like it’s all worth it :)

Here’s another little secret: half of my staff used to be complete skeptics! Not only have they embraced this, but they have also activated their own intuitive abilities. I see their excitement to explore these new gifts like a child would explore their new world.

So, in closing — be open, be receptive, and be clear of any stress before you arrive. Trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need. If it’s not the right time for your loved one to come through, then they won’t. It’s not up to us. Divine timing is a beautiful thing :)

Best – Marisa

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