Life After Death Experience (NDE) with Steve Gardipee, Vietnam War Story

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🎙️ Lounnggeee!! Are you ready for yet another Friday evening edition of #Lounge? This week marks yet another riveting Near Death Experience story in our special interview series!

Over the past several weeks, we covered a LOT of topics! From incredible NDE’s in our Near Death Experience Series to STE’s (Spiritually Transformative Encounters), and all the way back to past lives and getting off the karmic wheel!

We even expanded our horizons and connected all the way out to the Plant Spirit Healers in Peru!

The Lounge is all about seeking transformation in all aspects of existence and coming home to the truth of who we are.

And this week will be a special one. While up in the middle of the night one night, our host came across one of the most incredible accounts of NDE’s she’s come across in a while, while searching on YouTube.

With only a few interviews to date, our next guest amassed over 1M views on his story alone.

Not a man to be in the spotlight, he finally agreed to come on The Lounge and share his amazing account of Heaven!

It is an absolute HONOR to welcome special guest and NDE experienced Steve Gardipee to the show!

Meet Steve Gardipee.

Stephen Gardipee is a combat Vietnam War veteran who served two tours of duty in Vietnam and is an accomplished helicopter pilot.

Steve was shot down in a helicopter in 1970 on a rescue mission behind enemy lines. What he experienced on the other side, in heaven, was extraordinary and changed his life and his understanding of God and the Universe forever.

Things you will learn from this show:
God is literally made up of LOVE.
What we do to harm each other in this life hurts God.
What lies beyond this life is extraordinary.
Get focused and ready for this interview. Limit your distinctions because this show will have a profound positive effect on your worldview!

AND, as we always say, BE THERE or BE SQUARE. Plain and simple.

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