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🎙️Lounnggeeee!! Are you ready for yet another Friday evening edition of the one and only #Lounge SHOW?

Have you wondered what happens to us after we die? Do we encounter the ‘tunnel of light’? Is there a life review? Is Heaven like all the images we have seen since childhood?

So many questions…so few answers.

Of course, while there is no definite answer about that, there are those who have experienced pieces of the afterlife and come back to tell their stories!

We call these experiences NDE’s or Near Death Experiences, and while every experience is different, there are some astounding details that are common in many!

And in this Friday’s show, our special guest will talk about her life-changing near-death experience that enabled her to see life in a poetic way!

Emilie Spear is a successful businesswoman who has had a deep and lifelong spiritual practice. A few days after the birth of her twin daughters, unforeseen medical complications resulted in a life-changing near-death experience.

Her vivid account of an eternal, graceful and all-encompassing love is filled with insights on how to cultivate a Heavenly experience within the day-to-day world of humanity. In the midst of this life-changing event, Emilie made a promise to share her experience of Divine Love in order to help others on their own journeys of inner healing and awakening.

Some of the key topics we will be talking about:
1. The dynamic healing power of Divine Love that resides within each person.
2. Learning about the Pool of Peace and applying this kind of Love with our every day feelings can be a personally transforming experience, cultivating greater and greater inner peace.
3. Within every person is our Divine Self. As we learn to cultivate a greater connection with our Higher Self, we begin to step onto our Divine Path, one that leads us to greater fulfillment, peace and harmony.

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