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We are only a few days away from Intuidate™ LIVE 2023 complete with intuitive insights about your love life plus expert no holds barred practical coaching tips to get your love life on track *FAST*!

Can you relate to any of these questions?
– “When will I finally meet the man/woman of my dreams, and be happy?”
– “What can I do to change my partner so we can be be more in love?”
– OR BETTER YET, “Why am I attracting such emotionally unavailable partners?”

It’s not about the quick fix, the ‘prediction’ or the magic fairy wand promising a happy ever after!

The core concept is this. Each step you take (even small) PREDICTS where your future is headed in love, and according to our special guest, and Intuitdate™ LOVE special presenter, you can LITERALLY ‘Magnetize Your Soulmate!’

You may have remembered from Emmy from the #TheLounge last year as she presented “Secrets To Soulmate Love”!

If you haven’t, you’re in for a Valentine’s Day Weekend Treat!

Meet Emmy!

Emmy Hernandez is a #1 Internationally Best-Selling Author, an executive-level Love and Relationship Coach, and an international speaker. She has been featured in TED Ed, Forbes, Medium and is a contributing writer to Thrive Global. Emmy is also certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Superconscious Recodes. Emmy has a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley in Communications. You can connect directly with Emmy @lovecoachemmy on IG!

If you would like the opportunity to delve deeper into the patterns and cycles in your love journey, I’d love to invite you to join us for our second annual LIVE one time workshop Intuidate™ LIVE 2023 on Feb 13th just before Valentine’s Day, because self-love and care is on the horizon!

Intuidate™ LIVE 2023: A 3 hour virtual workshop with not just one but two intuitives + energy sensitive coaches to help you UPLEVEL your love life RIGHT now (whether you’re single, married, dating, partnered, or anywhere in between)!
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Without a confusing process, difficult concepts to master, or a bunch of books to read that really don’t relate anyway…

By the time you click LEAVE MEETING, you’ll have all the simple steps you need to apply the simple practical tools and intuitive skills to your romantic life.

(Oh and if something comes up, no worries! You’ll get the replay!)

Get all the deets + sign up here: Intuidate™ LIVE 2023

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