LIVE SPIRITUAL PODCAST 2023 | ENERGY HEALING | Intuitive Channel Marisa Liza Pell

✨ Lounnggeee!! It’s about that time to bring in the New Year Energy for 2023! And what a better way to bring back one of our most amazing guests from the year, Intuitive Energy Healer, Scott Clover!

With all the transformative energy that 2022 brought, it’s time to renew, shed and release the past to welcome the brand new energy that is coming in!

No longer a time when moving up the mountain with the heavy backpack is going to serve you!

Learn how to finally release, let go, and move ahead with fervor!

Have a question? We will be LIVE to answer! Make sure to join us this Friday at 9PM EST for the opening festivities!

If you missed the show with Scott last time, here’s a little more about him to get you excited to join us! If you’re already a huge fan, tune back in and get the momentum you need for the New Year!

Let’s give a big warm welcome to Scott Clover! So what’s his SUPERPOWER?

Scott Clover helps people connect to their own energy so they can learn to heal themselves. He is a certified practitioner of Focalizing, a somatic-based technology for changing your body’s energy patterns for areas such as trauma relief, anxiety, and positive creative uses.

Scott has led workshops internationally on topics such as energetic healing, addiction recovery, sexual health and more. Currently, Scott teaches classes regarding the topics of self-acceptance, reducing judgment and intuitive energy healing.

He has worked with masters in the fields of archetypes, energetic release, chakra systems, and providing guidance through intuition.

Scott has been in private practice for 7+ years, with many testimonials that describe several areas where people have received positive benefits as a result of working together. Scott is based in New York City and can work with clients remotely. To learn more, visit!

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AND, as we always say, BE THERE or BE SQUARE. Plain and simple.

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