LIVE SPIRITUAL PODCAST 2023 | How Essential Oils Help Anxiety | Intuitive Channel Marisa Liza Pell

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Ever wondered how essential oils help anxiety?

What is there was a way to calm your stress or overwhelming instantly via a wonderful scent?

What if there was a special formula made just for you to calm and ground your energy before a test, presentation, or first date?

Well, we’ve got you!

Here are some of just a few key takeaways that you will learn on this week’s show!

1. The basics of the AromaFreedom Technique
2. How to use aromatherapy to shift and clear beliefs that no longer serve you.
3. How you can use the power of scent association to create new, empowering beliefs.
4. General safety/quality guidance about essential oils.
5. How a 60 second reset can turn your day around and help retrain your brain.

Louunnggee, get ready! It’s very rare to have a key expert come on and discuss the benefits of essential oils for stress, and this is the first expert we’ve had on TheLounge for this topic! Exciting!

Meet our special guest, Aromatherapy Guide, Teacher, Author and Hope Dealer, Patty McClain!

A little more about Patty!

“My mission is to empower people to move towards their purpose by showing them how to get out of their own way and create more calm, confidence, and connection in their lives.

I love working with teens, teachers, and anyone willing to lean in and really get to know themselves.

In addition to writing, speaking, and teaching, I am a holistic minister, a trauma-informed SEL consultant, AromaFreedom Technique Practitioner, mindfulness teacher, and Teen Empowerment Coach.”

Come and join us and stay for Q&A!

You can connect with Patty via the Social Media profiles:
Instagram @pattymclain
Facebook @thepattymclain
Podcast: Be the Change: A Podcast for Teens and the Adults who Love Them

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