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Louunnggee! Are you ready for some riveting material this Friday night? As a medium for the past 25+ years, I am still amazed by all the detailed accounts of those who have been guests of the lounge and recounted their spiritual and transformative experiences!

And I absolutely LOVE hearing about topics I haven’t ever researched myself – especially revolving around spiritual topics!

If you want to hear about DETAILS of the Afterlife and the amazing spiritual experiences of a man who documented his experience one by one in the 16th century, BE THERE FRIDAY!

Let’s learn a little more about the man that we will be hearing about – Emanuel Swedenborg!

(courtesy of The Swedenborg Foundation)
The life of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) was steeped simultaneously in the rational world of the physical sciences and in a deep Christian faith. He lived during the height of the Enlightenment, a period when intellectuals rejected dogmatic religious teachings in favor of science and reason, and his theology reflects a long struggle to understand the world of spirit through investigation of the physical world. Ultimately, that struggle was resolved when (as he described it) his spiritual senses were opened and he began to interact directly with the denizens of heaven, hell, and the world of spirits in between. Although his theological writings are based on experiences and visions that may seem unbelievable to a modern audience—as they did to many of Swedenborg’s contemporaries—he writes with full awareness of how difficult his accounts may be to accept. In keeping with his early scholarly training, he presents his ideas in a logical order, drawing examples from everyday life as proof of the truth of his words, inviting readers to judge for themselves.

Why Curtis Childs? What did he explore the life of Emanuel Swedenborg?

While obtaining his degree in communication studies from Oakland University, Curtis experienced an internal battle with depression that led him to question God and his lifelong interest in Swedenborgian theology. After a period of intense suffering, he recovered from his depression with the help of modern medicine, therapy, and a return to the spiritually uplifting messages he found in Swedenborg’s writings. Now, Curtis is applying his education and desire to help others find peace through Swedenborg’s insights by producing and hosting this weekly webcast. He’s happiest when he can use Swedenborg’s concepts to help someone solve something they used to think was unsolvable.

Curtis Childs has appeared on many international radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube shows, such as Talk Gnosis, Sunday Morning Spiritual, The Butterfly Moment, Dark Thirty Radio, We Don’t Die Radio, and has been a speaker at several conferences including TCCHE and IANDS.

Curtis Childs is the host of the Off The Left Eye YouTube channel, which has accumulated more than 35 million views and 150,000 subscribers. He is an international speaker and the Chief Visionary Officer at the nonprofit Swedenborg Foundation.

What are some other key takeaways that Curtis will discuss on our show?
How love organizes the afterlife, how the spiritual world affects us day-to-day, and simple way to be spiritual!

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