Mediumship At A Greasy Diner: An Ode To The Steak Man


Hi Guys and Gals!!

Well I haven’t REALLY written in a while, but this experience was worth a blog post and of course a “story”.. There are times in life where we get so caught up with our jobs that the magic seems to go out the window with it. As a full time medium (and doing the work publicly as professionally for close to fifteen years), I tend to take my “downtime” very seriously.  During the time in between, I really have to reserve my energy for clients, groups and events.

Eating alone so I could zone out becomes a past time where I enjoy people watching and pretty much zone out in time and space where I don’t have to be energetically “on point”. Focusing mental energy for readings requires “tuning in” in with needle point precision, and doing it for long periods of time requires a resting period. People wonder why I tend to be “up in the clouds” sometimes or a little in a la la land. Well, it’s because it’s the only time I have to give my mind a rest. Sometimes it’s hard to have a conversation and really “listen” because of the energy it takes to be on point with my job.

So today was a day off in mediumship land. I had just gotten off a two day run of two private home galleries which I needed to take some time to prepare and reserve my energy for. Most people who know me personally know I am a little bit wacky when I’m off the job, and I NEED IT.

It was a day to run errands, eat some food in my hometown, visit family and just be random. I remember being hungry and thinking, “well I could eat now, or go to another place and come back.” I said to myself, I’m going to follow my intuitive leads today and see where they land.

Something felt “off” about going to the other place, so I went into my favorite landmark greasy diner in my hometown of Scranton PA. People scream and yell in the place, there are no real boundaries and it’s not unusual for the waitresses or the patrons to have conversations and yell across the diner. That’s the beauty of it. It’s raw, unkempt, real, and on edge. And FILLED with character, sweat on the cooks and GREASE.

Speaking of Grease, I noticed some characters walk in and sit in the booth in front of me. I immediately recognized a pretty strong and wacky energy from the man facing me. Immediately, they seemed to rally up the troops. They wanted a certain waitress, who I am proud to say I claimed as well, and received (because she had my usual drink in hand as soon as I walked in), and I usually see her having a cigarette in the back lot after I leave. Pretty classic. When they found out they were a mere booth away from the waitress section line, and they had the blondie instead of the brownie, they yelled across the diner about their discontent. The waitresses worked it out, but blondie got a little miffed and decided to let them know it. Noone gets their feathers ruffled in the place especially if other feathers are ruffled. It’s just par for the course. No “manager” comes in to deal with the issue. In fact, you could see the owner in the back buttering bread with no expression.

So blondie makes her statement that what these men did was “not nice” and shouldn’t be done because it made her feel bad. The man facing me kept trying to apologize but she wasn’t having it, and kept saying, “WADDA YA GUYS WANT ALREADY.” He went on to say “Are we arguing right now?” “WADDA YA WANT? WHAT CAN I GET CHA”. NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE paid any mind. It’s just the way it goes.

I proceeded to watch as he got all wound up and excited about a girl on facebook. The guy sitting across from him definitely did not match his excitement. Instead he just picked up the newspaper, with an “Uh huh” many times over. But his excitement and passion did not waiver and he grew louder at the hottness of this woman. He proclaimed that she was the most beautiful woman he had EVER seen and would even “give away” part of his male anatomy to have her. NOW THIS WAS ENTICING. He kept flashing her photo at the man, proclaiming, LOOOKKKKKK AT HER MAN!!!!!! LOOOKKKKKKK!!!!

WOW, I thought, the entertainment could not get any better. I was immersed in the character and his zest for this female, and in the middle of the rants to this other man who really didn’t bother to acknowledge the over zealousness, he started singing GREASE BALLADS. YES, you heard me. GREASE. As in, “I got CHILLS, they’re MULTIPLYIN.”. This guy was on fire and I thought that I really needed this on video. He was so immersed in looking at this girls photo, that he didn’t see me with a camera held up over my hash browns staring directly at him and obviously taping him. However, I didn’t get the JUICE of what I saw, so it wasn’t the best reel.

I said to myself, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS GUY ON THE RADIO SHOW!!! There is no ifs, ands or butts. This guy is freaking hilarious and I need to get this girl on too, and see what plays out here. FIRE WORKS!!!! It was a LOVE connection waiting to happen. I was going to make an INTUIDATE right there. I was going to call it as I saw it, bring them both on and tell their love story for all to see. I saw visions of hearts and flowers coming out of the hot dogs!!!

So I mustered up and said “excuse me sir.” “Um, hey.” “Could I ask you something?” And the guy STILL didn’t hear me or see me glaring at him, eating over easy eggs with my mind drooling with possibilities for this show!! Finally the other guy turned around and I just came right out and asked them. The guy was like, nah. I’m not doing that. I definitely don’t think they took me seriously. Then the other guy said, “If there’s money in it, I’ll do it”. I said, no dude no money. It’s just about love, plain and simple.

He then said, “Love equals money”. I said, Oh really? So are you married? He said, “Yup 20 years”. Soooo, you married for money??? He said, no at the beginning we didn’t have much. And then proceeded to tell me all about his love life and his first love story from the age of 14 until now. This guy was a ROCKETSHIP!!! A plethora of information, an energy rocketeer. The guy never stopped. He had story after story after story, and knowledge of the male species that was pretty on target. Plus he toured the world playing pool. Wow, a billiards angle. Not bad.

So now I’m like, I need this guy too. “So whattya do, he asks”. Yeah, I talk to the dead, I’m a medium I said. The other guy was already on my Facebook and we started talking about some of the shows I did in the area. NOW, he said, I’m intrigued. I said, “oh so you thought I was some quack before all this”, and he laughed and said PRETTY MUCH, and the fact that I talked about a love radio show made it even more strange to him.

I asked them what they did and they said they owned a food supply company, and supplied steaks to restaurants and private homes in the area. And then the owner, “The Steak Guy” I’ll call him, proceeded to tell me about THREE Mediumship experiences that happened to him with his mom who had passed years earlier. He had gotten a formal reading, he was approached by a woman in a bar who was trying to keep her abilities hidden but couldn’t stop the connection from his mother (she even knew her name), and now at the diner. Minutes before that, the other guy was reading a facebook notification about a women asking for psychic recommendations on his newsfeed.

The Steak Guy proceeded to tell me detail after detail of his mother’s connection to him through these mediums and they were certainly legit. We were getting ready to leave and he asked me if I usually get messages randomly. I said, no, not usually on my “off time” unless the spirit really had an urgent message. My channel was not open and I wasn’t even attempting to read. AND, lo and behold, there we were. I was getting up to pay my bill, and WHAM!!!  Info started coming in, in detail. To protect privacy, I won’t get into personal details, but his mother was there, and mentioned specific things about her health issues, and right then and there, he knew it was real and knew it was her. I said, we gotta go outside, I can’t do this in here.

And The Steak Man cometh!! His friend, Grease Lightning, was not having it as he was a true skeptic. BUT he came outside anyway and stood a few feet away on his phone while I delivered more of the messages.

The best message was about a freezer that he had in a “warehouse” that his mother claimed needed to be fixed because it was “3 degrees off”. His mouth went wide open and he looked at his co-worker and exclaimed “Dude DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT. We were just informed YESTERDAY that the number was supposed to be at 4 and now it’s at 7!!!” Are you kidding me????? It was awesome!!!! And it was his mother’s way of showing him that it was real and that it was her. She had literally sent 3 mediums to him to get her messages through!!! And we proceeded to go into more messages and details. It was an awesome turn of events, and even more amazing that the spirits went ABOUT IT the way they did!

The best part for me, YEP, he gave me his card, and told me if I ever need STEAKS, he’s my guy. PLUS, he agreed to come on the show 🙂 And a few hours later, good ol’ Greased Lightnin’said he’d come on too!!! I’m pretty excited.

The whole big picture. Follow your intuitive leads. The universe guides us one way. Uses markers another, and puts people in pathways for recognition so these amazing “coincidences” (or not 🙂 can happen!!! All in divine order. JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT GOING OUT FOR EGGS WAS THAT SIMPLE. Think again….

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