Receiving Messages From Foreign Countries

Receiving Messages From Foreign Countries

March 12th, 2008


Hello Again,

I have just uploaded my March Inspirational Message in the post below. I hope all of you will get a chance to squeeze in some YOU time this week. The energy is like a speedway these days, and it just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done! Don’t fret though, things will slow down soon.

I wanted to write a post about reading relatives of people who are from other countries. Most of these messages are from people who never spoke English, so I find the information fascinating. While I think it is just as miraculous to receive messages of any kind at all, I am used to getting messages from people with American names that I understand.

Last night, I had a private gallery and there was a woman present with relatives from Japan. She told me later that she felt there was no way that she even expected that her relatives would come through. She was just there to observe and take it all in.

To her surprise, she was the first one to receive a reading, and it was from her grandfather who spoke Japanese. Since a lot of communication is through images and symbols, the interpretation bypasses language barriers. However, at times I do receive words and thought fragments.

Since I have been giving messages for quite a while, not a lot shocks me. However, when I receive messages from those in foreign lands, I am speechless, because I know absolutely nothing about the language or culture. Reading people who are from other countries are like a breath of fresh air to me, because I learn so much about their culture from the experience.

Soon after her messages started, I started to receive names that I couldn’t pronounce. At first I received syllables as sounds that I couldn’t make out. She validated that some of the names of her immediate family members had those sounds attached to them. However, what came next floored me! I received her brother’s complete Japanese name.

Of course, I thought that what I was getting was off and second guessed myself. I said the name to her, and she was shocked. She told me that was her brother’s name who is living. Apparently, her brother was not doing too well, and the grandfather needed to come through with a message for him. In the interest of privacy, I can’t tell you the exact name that came through, but I could tell you that it was not even close to any American sound or name.

The woman was so excited that she received a message from her ancestors, and never thought that communication on this level was possible!

This just goes to show that love never dies and there are no barriers on the other side. If someone needs to get a message to you, they will find a way! That reading was very inspirational to me, and I know it meant a lot to the woman receiving it. I was so happy for her!

I have had several other experiences with messages from Israel, Korea, Spain and Italy including others. The fact that this is possible truly amazes me!

I am so grateful to be able to give people these messages.

I’ll be writing more soon!


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