Spirits Get Frustrated Too!

Spirits Get Frustrated Too!

September 5th, 2008

Yes, those on the other side have feelings too! I’ve been finding this more commonplace these days, and wanted to post a blog about it. It’s very easy to place expectations on those sentimental things you would like to hear from your loved one when they come through at a gallery.  However, what they may want to tell you may be entirely different from what you are looking to hear.

If you and a loved one had misunderstandings in life, sometimes that miscommunication may continue as they come through from the other side. I want to first talk about how much energy it takes for someone to communicate to me from the other side. The communication may look simple, but it’s very difficult to hold the connection if all three people (meaning the medium, the spirit and the person being read) are not energetically open.

When someone comes through from the other side, it’s usually because they have something they need to tell you. Our needs here on the physical plane are secondary. What I mean is that just because we are grieving or “want” to hear from someone, doesn’t mean they will automatically come through so that we will feel better. There is a higher purpose underlying the connection, and it is usually for the purpose of their spiritual evolution on the other side, or to help those here with major life situations that may be going on. The purpose of communication is not to make us feel a certain way. It is to help us evolve on earth with what we came here to do, and also to bring the spirit peace.

If the person being read has very specific expectations of what they want to hear, the experience can be very draining on me and on the spirit. At times, this makes the connection come to an absolute standstill. The spirit is usually trying to bring something to the attention of the person being read, and sometimes it’s not something that they understand or want to talk about. At this point, the spirit is trying so hard to communicate the message effectively to me, and in turn I am trying so hard to gain the understanding of the person being read, that the battery becomes surged and goes dead very quickly. The spirit may get so frustrated that they just stand there and stop talking. Sometimes I can feel their emotional frustration, because the person is not getting what they are trying to say.

An example comes to mind from a conversation I had with a friend of mine a few months ago. He lost his son a few years back at 19, and is lucky to have many vivid dreams about him in which they have conversations about the other side. The visitations are so real, that he is able to remember the conversations in sequence and relay them to me. I had many connections with his son prior to this. During one dream, he asked his son what his thoughts were about me and mediums in general. He chuckled and said something to the effect of “dad, they don’t even get a tenth of what we are trying to tell them! There is so much information coming through at once that it’s really hard to keep the connection going!”

I couldn’t believe that a spirit was chuckling about this! It was so cool to have someone on the other side comment about their experience with mediums. They really try hard to get our attention! This is why during a gallery you must keep your energy in “receiving” mode, just as you are when you are going to see a movie. You sit back and take it all in. You don’t sit there and have expectations about how the plot should go and how it should end. Nor do you try to control the movie. The movie is already made and you just have to sit back and watch. I know that sounds absurd, but it’s the same way with galleries. All you have to do is sit back and receive what they want you to know. It’s ok if you don’t understand it right away. It may take days or weeks to put the information together. But expectations will only hurt you and take away the amazing experience that can happen when everyone is open. The communication then becomes easier for the spirit and for me, and then we could keep the connection going for so much longer. It benefits everyone.

Think about your computer when it has many applications going and it is overloaded with desktop icons, and loads of unnecessary temporary files. It slows the computer down right? What happens when you delete all the unnecessary files, and make more space on your hard drive to handle the powerful applications? Your computer performs a lot easier! Same goes for me. I only have so much energy I can use, and if those in the physical world are draining me during a reading, I don’t have much left and can’t keep the connection to spirit. The drain almost always comes from the living person due to an emotional need to hear a specific message.

Just remember that this is a very special experience. Let it happen for you, and realize that it is a miracle!

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