SPIRITUAL PODCAST 2023 | Healing The Nervous System | Intuitive Channel + Guide Marisa Liza Pell

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Louunnggee! Are you ready to find your true power by exploring, discovering and reconnecting with your core self?

Did you know that most of that scattered thinking, shutdown, constantly going and not being present when you’d love to be are all signs of your nervous system being stuck on the “on” position in a system called fight/flight?

Would you like to know how to use some simple exercises to ground, balance and experience a true state of calm and balance?

Well, then this is an episode you MUST watch!

Let’s welcome to the show, Ally Wise: Trauma Resolution Coach + Author!

A little more about Ally!
Ally is a Life Transformation Coach with a focus on trauma resolution, nervous system healing and self-connection. She is the author of two books, The Self-Attunement Workbook for Trauma Resolution and the newly released Embodied Healing – a trauma-safe and embodied guide to support regulation, repair and ease.

In recent years, Ally has helped hundreds of people on their path of healing trauma and reconnecting to their deepest core. She developed a unique approach to healing called The Reconnection Process. She is also the creator of @awakenwithally on IG where she is helping nearly 100 thousand people around the world on their path of healing trauma.

If you want to hear about DETAILS of living a life of true fulfillment, joy and alignment, tune in!

What are some other key takeaways that Ally will discuss on our show?

-Healing the Nervous System
-Change your life by changing the relationship to your nervous system
-Tips and takeaways: how the nervous system adapts to unresolved trauma; how restoring safety and regulation is at the core of changing patterns;
-Tools to reconnect to the body;
-How to empower intuition and sensitivity through the nervous system

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