The End Of The World??? A New Perspective By Medium Marisa Liza Pell

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So I thought it would be a good thing to talk about this “ending” from a fresh and positive perspective, and from messages I have been receiving about this time. Forget the gloom and doom! Realize that some things are all about the way you view them. Who knows what’s going to “actually” happen…what matters is what’s already HAPPENING. How would feel if you knew that these “endings” were already happening all around you and WITHIN YOU?? The world is not a separate entity and its consciousness is integrated into every one of our spirits. We ARE the world, (yes kind of like the song) :). In a sense, what I’m referring to are our own spiritual endings. So YES, this is an end to the current world, as we know it now. Most of these endings are within ourselves. As these endings are taking place, each shift in each individual spirit affects the whole, since everything and (everyone) is connected. So yes, this is the end of the world as we know it (HA, another song reference) 🙂

The universe IS shifting, and we are experiencing these shifts within us. Because of these shifts, we have our spirit guides ever present around us including those on the other side, our power animal spirits, and our NEW SPIRIT GUIDES which are with us to guide us with our purpose in the new energy. If you are experiencing an intense “knowing” that you have to shift careers, you are indeed communicating with your new guides who are helping you with your spiritual contracts. Heed any new thoughts on shifts in careers and follow the guidance, even if it seems completely opposite of what you are doing now. Do not worry about making it work, it’s already in place, and you have divine help. Follow your leads and keep in constant communication with your guides. YES, talk to them and ask for signs!! They WILL answer you.

November was a pretty powerful month, and you may have heard of many people close to you experiencing depression, or speaking of not wanting to be here anymore. Some people may have taken matters into their own hands, or you may have seen people having breakdowns (I consider them breakthroughs), or incidents related to overuse or abuse of drugs and alcohol. Surprisingly, you may have seen otherwise normal, capable people who you wouldn’t ever expect to feel this way calling you and telling you then are so depressed they need to get some help. You may have also heard that many people started taking medication because of the lows they have almost instantly started experiencing over the past few months. The good news is this: Those who chose to ride the waves of this past month without taking any destructive actions may well have made major shifts and may no longer be speaking of feeling this way. Strangely enough, it’s like they don’t even remember telling you of this state of mind.

This shifts are not CHOICES. Whatever needs to fall away will fall away to make room for the new shifts to happen and for you to elevate and VIBRATE to the new consciousness–which is inevitably a must higher vibration. Anytime the vibration heightens and the individual doesn’t, the shift could get very uncomfortable to where people seem to be acting “crazy” and feeling out of control, or saying they just can’t shake the feelings they are having.

This period heralds the end of fantasy and illusion, and shines the light of reality brightly and swiftly on all matters of life, especially matters of emotions and the home. Past life issues will start to rise and you may find yourself on repeat, almost as if for the past 7-10 years you have been repeating the same patterns over and over again. You are now going to be AWARE of these patterns and will feel powerless over them, and may feel that there is nothing you can do about them, this is just the way things are. And you’re right, some of you may need additional help with these shifts. There are those who may need a gentle dose of energy work, while others may need serious extraction work to the energy body.

If you have lost a part of yourself along this life path, it is now time to find it, and get back your spirit. Purify your energy body and get back the part of you which has been lost.  It is imperative to do this as you will need to feel free in the areas of mind, body and spirit to excel along your path in this new energy. If you decide to get on this ride, you will experience sadness, endings, people falling away, and routines and patterns abruptly change. If you don’t FLOW with the change and go with it, you will probably not like the positions you find yourself in. The universe will SHOVE you along, you could either go with it, or stay in the old energy which will only leave you with like minded souls who have decided to stay behind. You will get uncomfortable. Don’t make it harder on yourself.

Acceptance is the answer, no matter what the conditions. If you are a fighter, stop fighting against the energy. Let things pass, and stay clear in your energy. Those who are lost will either find their way to the next level or they will stay in the old vibration. If you decide to shift up, you will find you have less or no emotion towards the things that you may have once reacted to. You may re-experience these interactions only to find out you aren’t affected and may wonder why. You have done your work. You have become whole again. You are a full circle, pure in spirit, no longer a half circle seeking externals or other half circles to complete you (and not ever feeling complete). The good news is that once you make your shift, you will not feel sad over the old life, or THE OLD WORLD. However, to get to this place, it will not be easy. The more you ride the wave, it will be easier, but there will be discomfort along the way, and possibly a huge feeling of depression, anxiety or hopelessness. Some of you may be asking yourself, “Is this it? Is this all there is”? The future may seem bleak, things may seem as if they aren’t moving forward. The key word is “SEEM”, because it’s just the illusion of the old energy surfacing. Don’t stay stuck in it.

And whatever you do, do not try to remain on both sides of the fence, trying to please everyone. If you shift to the new energy and things fall away, don’t spend your time trying to force them back into place. Sooner or later, people will walk through your door or they will not. If you are one of those people who are feeling the way I was describing above and need a push, and I feel that most light workers will, (since they can carry burdens of others and are very sensitive to the energies of all environments), you may need some help on the earth plane from a qualified spiritual teacher or guide to shift you. The more spiritual power you harness, and the more passionate your emotions, it is imperative to lay the foundation of your energy in the correct way, so it will not go against you.  I would recommend extraction work for those who experiencing intense emotions and feel that things are falling away, and feel emotionally tied to people, situations or things that do not serve them but feel drawn to those things anyway.

I would recommend Shamanic Healing work by Lisa Weikel of Owl Medicine. Click here to go to Lisa’s website.

I can’t recommend this enough. It is imperative you understand your spiritual contract here as we shift to the new energy so that you know which direction to pursue. Plus it will be a wonderful to experience your whole spirit, free and clear of old energy! Welcome to the New World 🙂


Marisa Liza Pell

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