TheLounge LIVE SPIRITUAL PODCAST 2022 | Reclaim Your Birthright | Intuitive Medium Marisa Liza Pell

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Lounge! It’s about that time when the leaves are about to change and we turn within. A time of death, renewal, and rebirth – and a period where darkness prevails only to take rise to a profound time of spiritual transformation.

It’s time to jump in to the deep end of the pool, and really heal during this amazing time in the cosmos.

And this Friday we are bringing you a story of triumph, transformation, and a journey to come home to yourself!

And we just may end this period of Mercury Retrograde with some nifty tunes from some of our old friends!

You ready?

Meet our special guest for the evening, Daniella Divine!

Daniella is passionate about helping others reconnect with their authentic self. This passion kicked into gear after her walk on The Camino, in Spain where she reconnected with a profound sense of wholeness. Although she has taught spiritual classes for over a decade and offered guidance to others as a psychic reader for 15 years, her journey took a turn after her life-changing experience on this walk in 2017.

After this time, she began and completed her book “Journey Into Wholeness: Reclaim Your Birthright; a book that answered so many of her questions about life.”She has been featured in nationwide magazines like Sunday Life and has reached students through her classes in over 80 countries. She has also run her own radio show in Sydney called ‘Conversations that Matter’.

She offers sessions in person, over phone and via zoom, and online and in-person workshops.

Daniella will bring you the following takeaways:
1. Wholeness is our birthright
2. There is nowhere to arrive, except to ourselves
3. Sometimes when we surrender everything, we find everything
4. When we let go of the identity, we often find the soul
5. There are no pre-requisites to worthiness

And for our live musical artists for the night, we bring back the one and only, April Mae and The June Bugs!

Roots! Baby Roots! That’s the musical mantra of April Mae & Catfish Dave, founding members of the touring roots group April Mae & The June Bugs. Cooking up high energy and deep vintage vibes is their specialty. Blending retro swing, rockabilly, jump blues and Americana. Served up with smoke n’ honey vocals, washboard percussion, homemade instruments like their kazoozaphone and cigar box guitar, as well as banjo and mandolin. As their biodiesel Boogie Bus proclaims, it really is “All About The Boogie!”

Way back when, April and Dave brought us these deep, dark, reflective and inspiring tunes that they ONLY can to bring us into the season!

So let’s pumpkin and spice it up, and let’s go deep for this evening of transformation heading into October!

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