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✨ Lounnggeee!! Are you ready for yet another Friday evening edition of #TheLounge?

Adding to our already amazing library of interviews with those who have had NDE’s (or Near Death Experiences), we are so excited to have another wonderful and inspirational guest to the show!

Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? Are our loved ones ok? Do we retain our personalities and consciousness after we die?

So, many questions…so many mysteries!

Let’s welcome our guest, Stephen Paul Chong, who is an award-winning author and also experienced his own NDE, and returned to his body from Heaven to tell his story of his many amazing visions of Heaven!

Stephen Chong M.Ed. is a highly sought-after professional development coach, keynote speaker and author with over 30 years of experience who shares his passion for life with everyone that he meets. He lives in Queensland, Australia.

He is the author of six Mind/Body & Spirit books that provide guidance, motivation and inspiration to help people connect with their highest purpose, and make life a better place.

His latest book, “The Afterlife: A Journey to” is now on Pre-Order on and in bookstores!

The description is as follows:
“My name is Athar. At least it is now that I am here, in heaven. I can tell you the story only now. I couldn’t back then, when it was too painful, when it hurt too much. But now I know what happens. More than that, I now know why. I am not here to tell you what to believe. I am here to tell you what is true.” The Afterlife: A Journey To is an inspirational voyage of discovery through heaven’s many portals – you will experience heaven’s many levels BEFORE you get there.

For our viewers who pre-order during the show, you will receive a personally signed copy with a 10% discount of “The Afterlife, a Journey to” book when it becomes available!

To know more about Stephen, visit his website:

Some of the key topics we will be talking about:
1. A description of his NDE and the purpose behind it.
2. Stephen’s experience of writing ‘The Afterlife, a journey’, and what he saw and heard when writing the book.
3. The Laws of Heaven & Earth.
4. How people can benefit from these revelations.

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