#TheLounge LIVE SPIRITUAL PODCAST 2022 | What’s Your Genius? | Intuitive Medium Marisa Liza Pell

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Are you alllll ready for a brand NEW fall season of The Lounge with rip roarin’ soul and spirit searchin’ conversations to sparkle those twinkly lights up!

With live music, authors, celebs, astrologers, spirit seekers and soul transformation topics, we are sure to find something that meets your fancy this season!

So… what’s the wait! This Friday at 9PM EST, we kick off the season with not only a DUO, but a TRIO of great guests!

Since the fall is the beginning of YOUR MANIFESTATION time, we are going to start with a woman with sass and wit that will bring you that crystal clear clarity when it comes to finding your innate genius AND monetizing it!

So, what if you could do EXACTLY what you love AND get paid well to do it! TUNE IN THIS FRIDAY!

REMEMBER, I promised you a cool TRIO? Well, we wouldn’t be upping the energy without our returning musical duo of World Percussionist Jacob Cole + Violinist Mark Woodyatt. If you haven’t heard the handpan before, wait until you see it uplevel your energy!

SOOO, a little more about our guests!

Kelly Trach @kellytrach is a 4x entrepreneur, business coach, and author of P.S. You’re A Genius: an unconventional guide to finding your innate gifts (even when you feel like you have none).

As a business coach, Kelly helps visionaries find their genius and monetize it so that they can build digital businesses.

She hosts The Kelly Trach Show podcast which has had more than 100K+ downloads and is the creator of Your Conscious Empire™ a course that teaches people how to build a business based on their genius.

Kelly has a bachelor of commerce honors degree from the University of British Columbia where she studied on scholarship. Kelly previously worked at Tesla Motors, studied at Sciences Po in Paris France, and was accepted in a pre-accelerator program taught by a billionaire venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. She’s spoken at places like Uber and NASDAQ.

After her first three tech start-ups failed in San Francisco, Kelly built a fourth business centered around her genius which enabled her to create success doing what came most naturally to her. Now, she teaches others how to do the same. You can find her at kellytrach.com

Kelly will bring you the following takeaways with her key points:
*How to Find Your Genius: Some people call it your “it factor” or “special sauce,” but I call it your genius. When you combine 3 to 5 innate gifts that work in synergistic conjunction with one another, you create a world-class expertise doing something only YOU can do.

Her book can be ordered here: Book: kellytrach.com/books and you can connect with her on Instagram: instagram.com/kellytrach here!

And for our raving returning fans of our musical ‘genius’ duo, let’s check out Jacob + Mark!

Jacob Cole @jacobcolepercussion is a professional musician, drummer, teacher, world percussionist and proud father. Rooted in Northeast Pa, Jacob hasbeen playing music since the age of 7 and havehas been teaching for over 10 years. He’s a Berklee College of Music grad and has had the incredible opportunity to play with some of the finest musicians. He hopes he can either inspire or move you through his music. Music is his way to meditate & give back to this world, it’s his soul’s gift. He loves to perform and teach others to do the same.

Purchase Jacob’s albums HOPE & DESTINY from https://www.jacobcolepercussion.com

Mark Woodyatt @jacobcolepercussion is an internationally recognized jazz violinist. An avid multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Classically-trained on violin and keyboards, Mark has been expanding upon his musical passions for 32 years. His concert debut was in 1996 with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic.

So make sure to be there or you’ll be square.

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