#TheLounge- What NDEs and STEs Teach Us About Life with Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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🎙️Lounnggeee!! Are you ready for yet another Friday evening edition of #Lounge? If you’re beat from the holiday and need a break from the sun and a little R&R plus some riveting content, come and join us this week!

Have you watched our past episodes about Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformative Encounters? Have you noticed the patterns of love, hope and inspiration from our guests’ stories?

YES!! Let’s keep it, comin’!

In this week’s show, we will be bringing you another amazing guest whose sole purpose in life is to inspire others to do great things! He wants to inspire you to live with love, joy, purpose, meaning, and significance.

Meet Dustin Vaughn Warncke!

Dustin Vaughn Warncke is a motivational speaker and master teacher who has worked with numerous small businesses in sales, marketing, website development with his company, Warncke Enterprises.

An author of NINE books (in paperback and ebook format), he is working on his 10th now!

He also produces hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventure videos. His work can be seen on his YouTube Channel and Gen7 Outdoors, a streaming outdoor TV network on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

His passion is also spreading inspiration with his stories of Near Death Experiences, and if you remember our Interview with Steve Gardipee, Dustin is the one who helps get Steve’s message of his NDE out into the world!

Dustin also works with NDE Radio with Lee Witting as the technical admin and Facebook page manager. He seeks to inspire hope and love through showcasing NDE’s, STE’s and other experiences with the great beyond!

Things you will learn from this show:
*How to Handle “New Normals” And The Change that Life Brings Us
*Being the “Source” of What You Desire and How To Manifest It
*Finding Your Purpose in Who You Really Are As A Unique Creation and Expression of God’s Love
*What NDEs and STEs Teach Us About Life

AND, as we always say, BE THERE or BE SQUARE. Plain and simple.
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