[#TheLounge] with Marisa Liza Pell ~ Are My Loved Ones Ok?

Lounnngeeee!! Are you ready for this week’s #Lounge extravaganza??? Put your feet up and get ready for two of everyone’s favorite things: Mediums and Music !!!

What’s better than ONE medium? Yep. Two.

Meet our special guest Medium for the evening – – Mari Cartagenova!

Mari Cartagenova is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and best-selling Author with clients from all over the globe. She specializes in heartfelt messages from both passed loved ones and living or past animals.

When you sit with Mari you can really feel the presence of your loved one. Her connections offer specific detail and leave you feeling both at peace and uplifted at the same time. Mari has trained with the top mediums from all over the world including Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, Thomas John and and Lauren Rainbow.

Some key topics that we’ll cover:
– Are my loved ones OK?
– Do my animals really understand me?
– Do I need a medium to connect with my loved ones or past pets?
– How can the average person connect more with their spirit?

If you missed his last performance on #TheLounge, World Percussionist Jacob Cole was a HUGE hit with our fans!

He will be returning alongside internationally recognized Jazz Violinist Mark Woodyatt!

Jacob Cole is a professional musician, drummer, teacher, world percussionist and proud father. Rooted in Northeast Pa, Jacob hasbeen playing music since the age of 7 and havehas been teaching for over 10 years. He’s a Berklee College of Music grad and has had the incredible opportunity to play with some of the finest musicians. He hopes he can either inspire or move you through his music. Music is his way to meditate & give back to this world, it’s his soul’s gift. He loves to perform and teach others to do the same.

Mark Woodyatt is an internationally recognized jazz violinist. An avid multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, his musical studies began at age three, after his mother discovered that he had perfect pitch. Classically-trained on violin and keyboards, Mark has been expanding upon his musical passions for 32 years. His concert debut was in 1996 with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic. Mark has the distinction of being the first violinist who was accepted into the Jazz program at the Eastman School of music, receiving numerous scholarships and laying a foundation for his prolific career in jazz, classical and contemporary performance and composition. He was a 2014 recipient of the F. Lammot Belin Grant for Artistic Excellence in Violin & Keyboards. Mark has achieved notoriety and is widely regarded as one of the leading players of his generation. His versatility in musical styles is portrayed with true soul in all of its forms.

With all the high energy, we are sure to take you into your weekend aligned and ‘in tune’ ~ AND to manifest all those dreams and goals along with the Aquarius #newmoon! (yes that rhymes)

So, definitely be there. If not, we will be sure to include you in the hall of squares! (Because hey, why wouldn’t you just drop ALL your Friday plans and join us??!!!)

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