[#TheLounge] with Marisa Liza Pell ~ Invest in Yourself

Loungenties!!!! 2022 is upon us and I bet that you have not been exactly ‘lounnnnging’ around these past few weeks!

Are you looking to simplify your life in 2022, to where you can not only relax but feel ‘guilt free’ doing it???

Well do we have a show for you on Friday eve! Special guest Kevin Roth will be telling us his own story of a life of high stress to a life of simple joy!

Are you ready to destress (for REAL) after this busy holiday season?

If so, we got your back!

Kevin is an internationally known musician, recording artist and life coach. He developed dulcimeditation and other ground breaking techniques for clarity, getting unstuck and avoiding stress. His clients range from performers to doctors and Chaplin’s.

Are you looking for tips to reduce your stress in 2022?

Do you want to create a life you love from authenticity?

These are some of the questions Kevin answers for us this week, as well as speaking to the role of spirituality and how it plays in living a balanced life and how simple and joy is the new rich.

You know what we say when we are all relaxing with our feet up on that white comfy couch!!! Be there … or you’ll be a …. (😁)

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