#TheLounge with Marisa Liza Pell – Life Changing Marriage Lessons

Lounnngeeee!!! Are you ready for this week’s show? Put those feet up, get some bubbly (or bubbly club soda!) and get ready for some insight on how to rock your world during this time of amazing manifestation!

Are you ready to learn to be your own agent of change when it comes to redefining your romantic partnerships?

If you’re looking to uplevel in LOVE, boy do we have a show for you!

If you’re feeling like you’re ready to give up, throw in the towel of your current relationship or marriage or just can’t figure out how to push through when times get tough, this episode is a MUST watch!

Let’s make it happen!

Meet authors and married couple Javier and Christina Llerena! They will share their lessons learned from life and their expertise from facilitating over 1,000 individuals preparing for marriage.

In their non-profit ministry, they support other couples by sharing life-changing lessons as they almost ended their marriage after their second child.

Some Key Takeaways On This Show:
*How to have a healthy marriage
*How to cultivate your faith in marriage
*How to set healthy boundaries in marriage

For more information and to purchase Christina + Javier’s Book our book: www.boundlesslove.us

So, at the end of the day, you know what we say.

Be there. (OR?) Well, I guess you’ll find out if you aren’t!

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Tune in for all this week’s insights ! 👏

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