[#TheLounge] with Marisa Liza Pell ~ Livin’ Your Best Life!

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Lounngeeee are you ready to finally break free in 2022 and break out those cheese and cracker plates at the same time?

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? (I mean, who would say no!)

Well, of courseeee the answer is a resounding YES! I mean, why wouldn’t it be? You always WANTED it, but HOW do you do it?

Well, that’s what we’re here for! We send out our little #LoungeBirdies to fetch us just the right folks to make the magic happen (if you let them of course)!

So, put on your listening hat, because you’re in for a real treat!

Meet Jean Atman. This lovely lady is a Consciousness Coach, Soul Evolution Facilitator, Energy Medicine Specialist, and Quantum Healer, and is a leading expert on how to break free of negative life experiences – for good. She is well known in her industry as the go-to girl for helping people heal past traumas so that they can live a life filled with potential, purpose, and ease.

She is passionate about helping people build the confidence they need to go after their dreams. Her primary focus is on empowering them to heal past pain so they can stop living in the backstory and finally build the life they choose.

She remains fiercely dedicated to that cause and throughout her 21-year professional career has empowered tens of thousands of people worldwide to consciously create an extraordinary life experience.

She accomplishes this through her online courses, classes, workshops, guided meditations, and through speaking engagements, podcasts, seminars, and retreats.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in life?

Join Jean Atman’s online course, Limitless, for a proven step-by-step system that walks you through EXACTLY what is standing in the way of living your best life. Once you learn how to identify your specific blocks, you will never feel stuck again. Join Here: https://bit.ly/3IGa8bT

Join us on the show as Jean goes over her 21-day guided healing journey for 2022!

Are you ready? I know I am! It’s about TIME!

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