#TheLounge with Marisa Liza Pell – Reignite Your Relationship

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Lounnggeeeee!!! Are you ready for yet another Friday evening edition of the one and only #Lounge SHOW?

Of course, you are!!! So get out that popcorn, fill the bowl up high, and don’t worry about who’s around or who’s comin’ to town! It’s all about you baby!

Being an adult is tough! Did you know the SECRET to lasting romantic love in relationships is HAVING MORE PLAY?

If your relationship resembles more work and tasks than having fun together, this is the show you need to watch to revolutionize your views on your partnership!

Instead of giving up, trying having fun! And watch the show for some great tips to get started!

Meet Master Relationship Coach, Strategic Interventionist and Owner of Highest Intent Life Coaching, Kari Petruch!

Kari has been helping people all over the world for a lifetime. A mother of three and a grandmother of eight, and married to the man of her dreams.

Kari has a lifetime of experience with many people and cultures. Having lived in many places in the world, she is uniquely qualified to help all people.

Her truest mission is to help as many people as possible to embrace the incredible joy and excitement that comes with a great relationship so that they will live their best lives together. She is the author of Get Out of the Box and Into Play: The Secret to a Lasting Relationship!

Did you know?

*In a relationship, couples often forget that they need to pay special attention to each other. Kari helps couples with innovative and fun ideas to reignite their relationships so that they can have even more joy and excitement together.

*Money, Se**x and Children are considered the 3 major stressors in a couple’s relationship. Kari gives value to these stressors and gives couples easy tools to change their beliefs.

*Childhood beliefs can sometimes keep couples from playing together. Kari teaches couples how to smash those beliefs so that they can enjoy playing together and experience more fun!

So, if you want your relationship to be square, don’t be there! If you are looking to open up your experience and experience the joys of being a kid again, JOIN US this Friday at 9pm EST on either Facebook LIVE or YouTube!

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