#TheLounge with Marisa Liza Pell ~ Transformational Healing with A Shaman

Lounnggeee!!! Are you ready to get on board with this Friday’s FULL MOON in Virgo? That’s right, this weekend is alllll about inner healing and forgiveness.

What better way than to make the healing official and powerful than with transformational healing session with a Shaman?

Well, I can tell you this ain’t no relaxing and soothing energy work! This is pure, powerful stuff!

If you are ready to final push through and make your healing happen, a shaman may be EXACTLY what you need! (And of course, in #TheLounge we are brining the goods!)

Enter transformational shaman extraordinaire, Kelle Sparta!

Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor(TM), is a transformational shaman who works with high-performance people to unlock hidden aspects of their potential. Kelle teaches people to master their energy to create next level results. She works with her clients to uncover and remove hidden blocks, resistances, and beliefs that keep them from their happiness and success.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this show!

Join us for the full moon energy, and activate the healing power of the evening within you!

Do we REALLY have to say, “Be there, or Be Square” this time???

Nah I don’t think so. It’s pretty obvious if you are reading this where you’re needed!

Marisa Liza Pell’s LEVEL 1 Intuitive Development Course comes out soon!!! And waitlist members receive special perks and bonuses just for being on the list!

Want to become less scattered and more clear with your decisions while you activate stronger intuition?

We have you covered!

Learn the skills, balance and ground your energy and learn the art of self-trust! Discover which intuitive abilities are your strongest, and how to get unstuck in your relationships!

Do it at your own pace and calm that scattered mind!

GET ON THE WAITLIST NOW HERE: https://bit.ly/3v0xlyS

Tune in for all this week’s insights ! 👏

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