[#TheLounge] with Marisa Liza Pell ~ Your Akashic Records

Lounggeeeee!!! Get ready for a fun-filled evening! Wanna chat by candlelight and put those feet up from all the holiday running? We’ve got you covered!!! So sit back, relaxxx and enjoy the show!!

Ever hear of the ‘Akashic Records’ and wonder what exactly they are? Well we have an expert of the records coming on the show Friday!

Let’s give a VERY warm welcome to special guest Amy Gray-Cunningham!!! (Insert Applause Here!)

Amy Gray-Cunningham is an intuitive healer and an Akashic Records Practitioner. She helps people understand who they are at the soul level to begin living the life God and our souls intended us to live. She believes we are the creators of our own experiences. Therefore, we manifest the life we desire.

Amy believes that life is a continuous journey of transformation and healing. We create and manifest our life based on the choices we make. It’s all about experiencing our divinity through our humanity. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and everyone has a story to tell; that’s the beauty of being in this wonder-filled world.

Some key takeaways for this show will be:
What are the Akashic Records?
How did you get into the field of Akashic Records?
How can Akashic Records change people’s lives?

So….are you ready to get a LITTLE otherworldly with us??? We are ready with you!

You know what we say, be there or be SQUARE!!!

See you there!!!

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