[#TheLounge] with Marisa Liza Pell ~ Your Soulmate Secret Sauce

by Medium Marisa Liza Pell

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Lounngeeeeee!!! It’s that time again! We are right in the *TWINKLE* of the Holiday Season, and some of you may be in a very romantic mood!!!

While the season is of giving, and presents, and being IN THE PRESENT, a lot of us turn to our favorite topic: LOVE. We may have it, but want more of it. We may be searching for that special someone. We may want LOVE to go to a new level!

Even though many won’t come out and say it, THAT is the true gift they want this Holiday Season ~ to fill the heart with JOY.

Are you looking for LOVE to FLOW to you quickly and effortlessly? Are you looking to shift your patterns in love? Are you tired of trying over and over again to fix your relationship? Well, sometimes where there’s a WILL there’s a way, but sometimes forcing your will may only push LOVE further!

What you really NEED is a secret SAUCE! And our guest has JUST that for our #Lounge guests on Friday Eve!

Welcome Michelle Clarke ~ Chief energy maverick at Empowerment Empires!

Ms. Clarke is also mindset queen, public speaker, author, and business coach empowering soul-led entrepreneurs to bring their gifts to the world while making more money and having more freedom.

Tiffany will be going over some special tips such as:

As a soul activator, Michelle helps an audience to tap into their bravery, unlocks their inner knowing, and powers them up with inspiration by the bucket load. Her secret sauce is unlocking people’s potential, calling forth their life purpose, encouraging them to take aligned action, to get massive and instant results.

And boy does she have your #SecretSauce! She will be discussing some VERY practical tips and tricks to get you the LOVE you WANT, NOW ~

She will share special material from her signature course ~ ‘5 weeks to becoming MAGNETIC to your soul mate! ‘

You better be there, or let’s keep it simple…be square.

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