#TheLounge with Medium Marisa Liza Pell ~ Breaking Free Of Emptiness!

Lounggggeeee!!! What a great day to tune in as the energies are heightening and we are started to be filled with excitement about the coming of new beginnings and the Spring! And what better way to get a movin’ and groovin’ than with some lovely original music by one of our favorite #Lounge​ rockstars, Chris Willits!

Chris will be bringing you some oldies, some goods and some damn good songs that he wrote himself! And you’ll be having stars in your eyes and candy hearts in your skies!

And do you remember a time in your life where no matter what you did or didn’t do, or how much you accomplished that it just ‘wasn’t enough’???

Well we have a special guest for you that will get right to the point and tell you how to not only move through that, but to nip it right in the bud!

Joining us in the studio with be Robert Althuis – Author of ‘Never Enoughitis’ : A Story of Success, Emptiness and Overcoming Myself.

“If you feel stuck, empty, unfulfilled, or at the end of your rope, ‘Never Enoughitis’ will light your way forward, helping you unlock the true why of your best life! ”

Of course, #LoungeBuddies​ may be with us and ELISE will ALWAYS have her cards on hand, whether she tells you she’s looking into your situation or not!

You know what we say, and you also know what we say if you don’t come out and join us!

Be there AND. Don’t be a squarey sqaure. PLEASE.

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